Gluten Free Living - Gilgamesh, coeliac heaven!

First of all I'll start by saying I am by no means a food critic. I know absolutely nothing technical about food, and literally couldn't be any less of a food snob. Take me to Nando's and I'm happy (classy bird...I know!) But I am going to write about a restaurant today because not only was the food absolutely incredible, but the staff's knowledge of gluten free food and coeliacs - to put it in the cheesiest way possible - blew me away.

In case anyone has missed previous posts or the title didn't give it away - I love a 'does what it says on the tin' title - I'm Coeliac, which in layman's terms means I can't eat any Gluten. I don't want to bore you all off to sleep as thankfully (and at long bloody last) Coeliac disease is something that's becoming more and more spoken about but in the quickest sentence ever - bearing in mind how much I ramble - gluten includes wheat, rye, barley and oats (100% oats are fine but I won't go into that right now) which basically means avoiding gluten in restaurants is an absolute nightmare!
Picture courtesy of 

This is where Gilgamesh comes in. Gilgamesh is an amazing and extremely popular pan-asian restaurant and bar based in Camden. I actually went there as part of a shoot at work and like most last minute restaurant stops I had a sudden panic that there wouldn't be anything suitable for me to eat. As any other coeliacs out there reading this post will know, it's not even worth visiting a restaurant without phoning ahead or stopping in first to see what gluten free items they have on offer, and if I'm being completely honest, I totally expected the "huh? what's gluben" "gluten, oh it's fine we use soya milk" and basically any other quotes that prove the person you're asking has absolutely no idea what gluten is. Please don't think that's me being ignorant, but unfortunately from my experience, it's more common that people don't actually know what gluten is, or they have no allergy information available to advise you. And this is where Gilgamesh stands out from the crowd....
As soon as I got the chance I managed to find a waiter to talk to about what items on the menu were safe for coeliacs. They immediately bought the manager out to me, who I literally cannot praise enough! He asked me every item on the menu that I might be interested in, then disappeared out the back. A matter of minutes later he returned with a whole list of items that were completely gluten free, and then what adjustments they could make to dishes to make them suitable for a coeliac. I ended up with a whole tuna and salmon sushi platter (including gluten free soy sauce), chicken and mango salad (that had been prepared especially to avoid cross contamination) and a Thai red curry that I still dream about to this day. (And yes, in case you were wondering, I polished off every last bit.) The manager even went on to say how sorry he felt for me, bless him!

I still haven't grown enough balls (plucked up the confidence for anyone whose never heard of that phrase before and therefore went right over your head) to take pictures of the meals I had. I'm sorry, I know that's ridiculous for a blogger but I can't quite deal with the "oh my god what a loser, she's taking pictures of her food" looks yet. But all I can say is that it was presented as beautifully as you'd expect from a restaurant with a reputation like Gilgamesh has.

Amazing food and lovely atmosphere aside, I was just completely shocked and overwhelmed by how knowledgeable and attentive the manager was to my needs. I actually bored the life out of everyone who was with me by gushing for about an hour how rare it is for restaurants to know that much about gluten free food. So to wrap it up, because I'm even boring myself now, if you're coeliac or simply like to eat gluten free and miss Asian have to visit Gilgamesh, you will not be disappointed!!

Hope you enjoyed this post and found it even vaguely interesting/helpful. Thanks for reading :)

REVIEW: Tresemme Liquid Gold

I love a good review. I love the fact that not only do I get a chance to waffle/ramble/basically bore the life out of everyone about some random product, but there's also a slim chance - very slim chance admittedly - that what I have to say may help other people find products that they love as much as I do.

Said product today? Tresemme Liquid Gold. The reason why I'm reviewing a product that isn't new or particularly unique? For some strange reason I get a lot of lovely comments on my hair - obviously the 'dragged through a hedge backwards' look is in these days - so I thought I'd share the product that literally saves my life. (Not that that phrase was over dramatic/over the top. Not at all!)
On to what the product does. I'll tell you what, I'll let Tresemme tell you what they think and then I'll add my 2 cents worth, yeah? Sounds like a plan to me! ;) 

Here's what they have to say...

"Infused with luxurious Argan Oil for the ultimate salon indulgence. Liquid Gold is a lightweight, restorative formula that is instantly absorbed by your hair.
Liquid Gold nourishes and transforms your hair, reducing frizz and improving manageability aiding effortless styling. It gives you a touchable, velvety finish for a radiant salon shine.
The lightweight, luxurious formula is instantly absorbed to help nourish and reduce frizz, providing the ultimate salon indulgence to instantly transform your hair."

I have to be honest, I've tried Moroccan oil, pure coconut oil, macadamia get what I'm saying here right, I've bloody tried the lot of them and if I'm being totally honest, I wasn't convinced that this inexpensive product could stand up to the higher end products on the market. I'll cut straight to the chase...IT DOES! (I'm all about using capitals to make a point aren't I?)

I have long thick hair, and a lot of it, and I use only 1 pump on the lengths of my hair using it on both slightly damp and dry hair. It smells lovely, sweet but not overpowering and somehow - I have no idea how or why, science was never my strong point at school - it manages to completely nourish my hair without feeling greasy or heavy and weighing it down.

Tresemme Liquid Gold leaves my hair sleek, shiny, smooth, not frizzy whatsoever (and if you've seen my before pictures on this post here you'll know that that's a big deal) and basically just really healthy and shiny.

There's not much more to say about this other than I love it and have used it ever since I bought it about 4months ago. The picture below shows just how little product you need and how long it lasts, 4...yes 4 bloody months and this is all I've used, bargain of the century!

You can find Tresemme Liquid Gold in Boots, Superdrug and most chemists/drugstores and also online here £6.99 

Hope you enjoyed this post guys, I'd love to know your hair must haves, let me know if there's any products out there I need to try :)

Thanks for reading!

Casual OOTD and work freebies!

Is it sad that I miss blogging/my blog? It  probably is isn’t it? Oh well…sue me! I planned to post this Saturday morning…and then my call time was changed meaning I’d be waking up at 5…my favourite thing to happen, especially when I don't get home until 1am the night before (and because you can’t convey tone in writing…that was MASSIVELY sarcastic)

 As well as the fact that I’ve had no time, I’m also sitting here with disgustingly chipped nail polish, flat dull hair, corpse like skin….I’m painting a beautiful picture here aren’t I? Anyway, the point in making me sound even more like Shrek was just me trying to convey the fact that I couldn’t feel any less like a fashion/beauty blogger right now!

But, I have an outfit post for you, it’s as basic, unspecial (is that even a word? No it’s probably not) and as plain as you can get but it’s a post. Bearing in mind I spend my days running around, constantly on the go picking up ridiculously heavy equipment etc. here’s the practical, boring (but hopefully a tiny bit stylish at the same time…here’s hoping) outfit of the day...
Apologies for massively posey, cringey and all round 'knobish' photo

Shirt: Dorothy Perkins
Gilet: New Look
Jeans: h&m
Boots: New Look
Nails: Bourjois Bleu fabuleux...more on that another time
Awkward, not quite got the hang of the whole 'take a natural picture of my outfit' pose: all my own!
On a completely different note, I love a good ramble, one of my favourite perks of the job is the occasional freebie. Personally, I love a good tan (just letting you know in case the orange elbows and permanent 'glow' despite living in gloomy London didn't give it away enough) so I was embarrassingly excited when I walked into work and was greeted by a nice big pile of Vita Liberata products to choose from. I went for the Phenomenal 2-3week self tan mousse (try saying that when you're drunk) and I can't wait to try it. And of course I'll be telling you exactly what I think of it once I have.

Thanks for reading everyone, hope you enjoyed this post. I promise I'm going to post more this week even if it means me getting up at 3am (slight exaggeration) or pulling an all nighter (massive exaggeration) I'll be posting. Which I'm sure makes you dedicated readers...ok, my mum...very happy!


Catch up time - First week of Xtra-Factor live shows

Apologies for being - to put it quite bluntly - an absolutely crap blogger of late. There really are no excuses, well...apart from the fact that I just worked a 7day week, working pretty long hours, and forgetting what the word 'sleep' means. (Hold on one second while I just whack the violins and feel sorry for myself!)

Anyway, I finally have a couple of days off which I plan to spend shopping, seeing friends, catching up on all my favourite blogs and YouTuber's (obviously), and watching all the TV I've missed (oh how I've missed you Downton Abbey!) ROCK AND ROLL!

For anyone not in the UK or who hasn't been taking much notice, it was the first weekend of The X-Factor/Xtra-Factor live shows last weekend, meaning that every day of last week was absolutely manic and to be honest, really stressful at times. But (there's always a but) there really is nothing like the buzz that you get from working on a live TV show, and every bit of stress is completely worth it when you see everyones hard work come together!

Please excuse the self-indulgent, slightly arsey but obligatory picture below. This is my first credit to be aired so far (and the closest I'll ever get to seeing my name in lights ha!) so I'm going to milk it for all it's worth ;) 
Hope everyone who watched the shows, and all those who couldn't and have obviously sky plus'd it to be watched as soon as they get a chance ;) enjoyed/enjoys them. And the award for the most shameless plug/hint to watch Xtra goes to....yours truly!

I just want to add a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who reads my blog, I noticed at the beginning of the week that I'd gone way over 1000 views - which I know compared to the big guns is absolutely pathetic - but considering it's only a couple of weeks old I'm bloody chuffed and a bit overwhelmed (does that make me a saddo? Probably does doesn't it? Sod it!) So thank you everyone who puts up with my waffling/rambling etc. I'm really grateful :)


REVIEW: Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish...Star Product!

Now, before you all think I'm slower than a snail when it comes to trying 'cult products' don't worry...I'm not. This product is by no means new, in fact, if you're interested in your skincare/beauty products, are a keen reader of blogs (or have read at least one blog) or let's just be frank...if you haven't been living under a rock for the last few years then I'm sure you will have heard or seen a bit of a buzz around Liz Earle's Cleanse and Polish Hot cloth cleanser. Cor, that was a right mouthful weren't it? she doesn't make it easy for us, ole Liz, does she?

Anyway, I'm going off track (me, ramble? never!) if you haven't heard about this you're in luck because I'm about to rave about this bad boy like I've never raved before. Well, I probably have but you know what I mean! I first bought this cleanser about 2 years ago (ish) after hearing LOTS about it in various beauty articles and after hearing Laura talk about it - back in the Lollipop26 days - on her Youtube Channel. By the way, completely going off point again, if you haven't checked out her blog, do it. Witty, ridiculously stylish and, I kind of feel like I live my shopping life vicariously through her (without the cries from my bank account...bonus!) Back to the product, to put it quite simply, I bought this 2years ago, and I've never used anything else since!
Here's what Liz Earle says about the product:

"Ideal for your morning or evening cleanse, this formulation works on every age and skin type, offering concentrated yet gentle cleansing power.
Our plant-based cleanser has a two-phase action. Phase one is the cleansing. Free from mineral oil, it has a rich and creamy texture and swiftly removes all traces of face and eye make up, even stubborn mascara.
Phase two is the polishing. Polish off the cream using the pure muslin cloth to gently dislodge dead skin cells and help reveal clean, soft and radiant skin.
Naturally active ingredients include eucalyptus and cocoa butter for smoother, cleaner skin.

Suitable for all skin types"
And here's what I have to say:
First of all, the formulation. It's a pretty thick but undoubtedly luxurious cream that is so soft and gentle on your skin, that it really does work for any skin type. I have normal to slightly oily skin and I have never had any issues with this, whilst at the same time a friend of mine has extremely dry skin and it does wonders for her too. I use it once a day (normally at night to remove the last traces of my 10inches of makeup) massaging it in, leaving it to work it's magic for a while before removing it with the muslin cloth included with the starter pack, and also available to buy at at counters.
Another thing to note is its smell, it has a strong eucalyptus smell which personally doesn't bother me either way but if eucalyptus is not your thing, then I would bare that in mind. What I think is a major selling point for the cleanse and polish is that it's completely safe to use on your eyes - closing them first obviously, common sense I know, but thought I'd add that in for anyone out there with a similar IQ to me ;) - really massaging into the lashes. I am not joking when I say that this product removes ALL traces of make up, even waterproof and the practically semi-permanent Max Factor false lash 24hr.
After letting the product sink into your skin for a while, I then use a muslin cloth which gently exfoliates away any leftover makeup and dead skin cells (what a lovely thought). I am not joking when I say these two steps together leave your skin feeling unbelievably clean, clear and fresh, and for someone that quite often works 19/20 hour days (meaning that my orange war paint...I mean foundation...has been on my skin a long time), it is quite literally a god send!
For me, there's not much more to say other than this product is my life saver. Screw defibrillator's, screw ventilators, screw any life saving equipment out there, nothing touches what the Cleanse and Polish does for me. (God/paramedics/doctor, if I do ever end up having a heart attack or the like, please do not turn up with a bottle of Liz Earle, I am only joking!)
You can buy a starter kit which includes a 100ml bottle of Cleanse and Polish and two muslin cloths either online or in stores at John Lewis for £14.25

So there you are, I know there are a large amount of reviews on this product - probably written a thousand times better, and a million times more seriously - but I thought I'd share this must have product for me, with you.

Hope you enjoyed this post, if you have any 'can't live without' items please comment below, I'd love to hear from you :)

Thanks so much for reading!


OOTD: Fifty shades of grey

What's that noise I can hear? Oh, that's right...the sound of the bandwagon rolling on and on. Yep, this whole 50 shade's/stupid title brigade is just going to keep on lucky little things ;)

Apologies for being a bit M.I.A on the blog this week (M.I.A...I've always wanted to use that phrase since I heard it on the Kardashians. I think I've just outdone myself on the geek front haven't I?) I started back to work this week and ended up getting home late Monday (which is pretty standard TV) meaning no blog post, also went out last night for a little 'Team Xtra-Factor' bonding sesh and onto a party of my brothers after meaning again, no blog post. So today I've got up a little bit earlier (god knows how I managed that) so you can all see a slightly worse for wear 'outfit of the day...and night'

I'm loving metallic shades at the moment, as you might of noticed in my last post here, but let's face it...50 shades of pewter doesn't exactly have the same ring to it does it? and if you've read any of my previous posts you'll know I'm all about cheesy puns on this blog (apologies in advance!) So without further ado, here's the outfit...
Oh yeah, awkward 'let's try and make this look natural and less posey' photo's are 100% my forte! 
Top: Primark
Skirt: Primark
Tights (because obviously you all want to know where my tights are from): BHS...big up shopping like a granny
Watch: Michael Kors
Cuff: H&M

Hope you enjoyed this post guys, I'd love to hear what colours, trends, styles etc. you're loving for Autumn/ I can copy your style use you as inspiration ;)

Thanks so much for reading!

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