OOTD: Carb face, representing MJ and exciting news!

I was ridiculously hesitant to publish this blog post for a number of reasons, but namely the following. First and foremost, this outfit is absolutely nothing special/out the ordinary/any different to what I normally wear (I want to say a pile of s**t but I've made a mid feb resolution to cut down on swear words. But you get the gist!)

Number 2, because these photo's were taken whilst I was working lates at work. In any case this would mean bigger (eye) bags than Prada, however the best thing a perk of working late on Towie is the free take-aways. Zizzi's, 2 Prezzo, Wagamama's and a Chinese later and my carb face was as impressive as David Beckham's boxers Billboard. Yeah...that's some bloody carb face!

And finally to top off my never ending list of vile characteristics is the absolute mother fucker beauty that planted itself on my face. That morning. In typical girl/ironic fashion, I had just been saying how good my skin had been of late and what do you know? Karma comes back to bite me in the arse - and face by the looks of it - and turn my ugly mug into something resembling a pizza slice.

I must have been a real horrible bitch piece of work in a previous life!

So, armed with the knowledge that I'm wearing a completely average outfit (and by my standards that really isn't saying a lot), have a face like Mr Blobby and bloat like a blow up balloon, I bet you lot can't bloody wait to see these outfit pictures can you? Yep, just what I thought....
For those with good eye sight - a) I'm jealous of you and b) yes that is Michael Jackson on my vest. *puts on Michael Jackson voice, does a twirl and grabs one's crotch singing "Hee hee!"*
(Shamefully that's actually not a joke, my neighbours were in for a right treat!)
I'm not sure what I find more appalling; the fact that despite my continuous 'afro' jokes, my hair genuinely looks like a lions mane. Or the fact that I seemed to have pulled quite a dead leg Angelina Jolie leg pose there. I'm going for the latter! Oh Ange....
Why on earth would I wack a close up on when I could double up as Sloth from the Goonies? No bloody idea. Well, actually it's because there were no other pictures that were in any way acceptable - I know, if the above are acceptable then they must be bad - so you're left with this bad boy!

Check shirt to which my amateur (at best) photography did not do justice: River Island
Michael Jackson afro...I mean, vest: River Island 
Grey Pleather Helmut Lang wannabe's: H&M. Oh I do love a high street dupe. Go on the high street!
Boots: Ebay

So I guess that's about it. What a riveting little post for you all, please don't all rush to nominate this post as the most interesting of 2013 at once... (and as you can't gauge tone with the written word, that's pretty much sarcasm at it's best!)

Oh, actually, that's not it - "Oh for f**k's sake...give it a rest love, we're bored" screams anyone who will ever read this post - in more interesting news, I've actually been invited to an event tonight which I'm excited for. The lovely Zoe Griffin from Live Like a VIP is having a book launch for her book 'Get Rich Blogging' and has invited me down as she was apparently impressed by my blog - I know, I didn't think it was possible either - so that's where I'll be heading later on tonight, camera in tow, with the hope of meeting any other bloggers that may be attending. 

And because I know from personal experience, it can be pretty hard to recognise people from pictures as they inevitably look different in real life, I'll be the twat - probably on her own - tottering on shoes that are way too high, too shy to introduce herself to anyone or if I've had a glass of wine, boring the arse off of anybody unfortunate enough to have crossed my path. Sorry, and hello, in advance! :)

Hope you enjoyed this post guys, thank you - as always - so much for reading!


*Warning* - Self indulgent TV post alert. Apologies in advance!

Oh god, sorry guys, it's that time again. "What time is it?" I hear you all ask. No - sorry to disappoint - it's not Chico time! (anyone outside of the UK/not into the X-Factor - which I'm well aware probably cancels out 99% out the people reading this - I completely understand you will not have a clue who he is but believe me, you're not missing out)

I could roll on forever telling you what time it isn't but in reality, all I'm doing is putting off the inevitable. Which is basically little old me, posting a little old picture...and turning it into a self-indulgent post. I kind of (read: definitely do) feel like a cringey, up my own arse, full of myself twat for posting this, I can only hope you forgive me. And preferably, don't label me a complete and utter arse.

Chico, X-Factor and arse holes aside - there's a sentence I never thought I'd write - for the past 3 weeks I've been working away on a show called 'The Only Way is Essex' which I am absolutely loving (it is also the reason I've hardly blogged in the last few weeks...but let's not dwell on the bad things...err, like you normally do love) which also happened to 'premiere' - check me out, making it sound like some kind of Oscar nominated film - last night. I'm a geek, a nerd and an absolute loser at heart - which you 100% would have gathered if you've read any of my previous posts - and I still get embarrassingly happy when the credits roll up at the end. Oh, don't worry though, I wouldn't be a big enough tit to take a picture on my phone and upload it on my blog. Jesus, who would do that?!?! .....................................................

.......Erm, this major tit over here would.

Apologies. I do comletely understand that nobody in the universe would find this exciting, or this post even interesting at that, but I'm sticking with my NYR (New Year's resolution...love a good abbreviation) to blog about things that I want to, and not be swayed by what other people may want to read. Anyway, if nobody enjoys this...I'm sure my mum, and probably my nan will. 2 people are better than none eh?

Thanks so much for reading guys, this post - sticking to my TV roots - is a wrap! *cringes to the point of physical pain* I would absolute love to know if anyone watched the show, if you did, tell me what you think?! Go on...I can take it!

REVIEW: If it's good enough for Millie Mackintosh...

Despite never having watched 'Made in Chelsea' - well, apart from about 10seconds which happened to feature the infamous "getting up in my grill" quote, therefore resulting in a swift channel switch - I am just a little bit obsessed with Millie Mackintosh.

For starters, her fashion sense. Her style is absolutely spot on for me, I would quite happily wear 99% of the outfits I've ever seen her in (it would have been 100% if she hadn't rocked that tux...)

Then there's who she is. No, I'm not talking about being 'Pro Green's girlfriend', no I'm not talking about being an 'It Girl', I'm talking Millie Mackintosh - heir to the Quality Street throne. Err...hello life time supply of green triangle chocolates!

But, jokes aside, there is one trait of old Millie's that I would quite happily swap all my possessions for and that is her perfect make up and skin. Yes, that makes me possibly the most superficial person in the world but no, I don't care! Without sounding like a complete and utter name dropping tosspot, I actually met Millie whilst working on the X-Factor, backstage at a Professor Green gig and I can 100% confirm that she is just as flawless in real life as she is on screen. Bitch! Just kidding...

Anyway, the purpose of this post isn't to expose me as a sad Millie wannabe - although shamefully that would probably be pretty accurate - it's actually to tell you about a certain skin care item that Millie credits for that bloody perfect skin of hers and my new absolute skin saviour. Girls, let me introduce you to Manuka Doctor's Apiclear skin treatment serum. Try saying that when you're drunk....
So what is this product with the world's longest name and what the hell does it do? I'll let Manuka tell you, and then I'll chip in with my thoughts yeah? Sound like a plan? Great, just what I like to hear...

"A light weight oil-free face serum that provides relief & helps refine the skin’s texture. Its super hydrating properties assist with cell regeneration & reducing the appearance of fine lines & scars.  A fantastic beauty product containing purified bee venom to help eliminate the break out of spots and blemishes."

Bee Venom? Now that sounds like my sort of product. So, let's start with the texture. The Apiclear serum is more like a thick gel, however when you smooth it over the skin and give it a minute or so, it sinks in and feels completely weightless. I personally f**king hate can't stand any sticky skincare products, let alone face products, so this is a dream in terms of texture for me.

I'm not going to go into packaging. I'm sorry, that might make me a shite blogger - that's not the only thing that makes you a shite blogger love I hear you all scream - but, I just personally couldn't care less what a product looks like. To me, the only thing that matters is whether it lives up to it's claims. Oh, and the price. Pikey of the year award goes to....thank you, thank you very much!

So, does it live up to it's claims? Well actually, it does! *cue my purse and guilty conscience breaking out into song "Haaaa-le-lujah!* Within a week of using this product once a day (you can use it twice but I didn't feel the need to) my skin felt smoother, looked brighter, clearer and just generally more awake. In other words, it transformed me from a corpse like Ugly Betty to an alive and awake Ugly Betty. I also have slightly oily skin and I did notice that I was shiny (less like a disco ball to be frank) by the end of the day. Win bloody win in my eyes!

Now, the price. This little Bee-uty (see what I did there? Oh god, that was awful, truly awful. Apologies!) will set you back £18.99, and coming from somebody whose wardrobe consists of 90% Primark clothing, that is pretty extortionate. But, I do think it's worth it. I had a couple of 'hormonal blemishes' (rank 'time of the month' spots for anyone whose not a man/grossed out by 'girly' talk) and it more or less got rid of those little shits bad boys in a day. Scarring and all, pretty good by anyone's standard!

I'll start wrapping this up now as I'm beginning to bore myself - always the sign of a brilliant blog post you  tit - so overall, my first array into Bee venom has been an extremely successful one. In terms of improving my appearance, this is the best thing since putting a bag over my head! If it's reduced pores, less grease shine, clearer, brighter skin you're looking for...I'd give this one a go. If it's transforming your face into Millie Mackintosh's you're after, you can join me...in my bloody dreams!

Manuka Doctor is available at Holland and Barratt's, in store and online here 

As ever, if you made it to this point in the post without nodding off, you're all legends...and thank you! I really hope you all found this helpful guys, thank you so much for reading!


My new form of self defence...read on girls!

Now, I know your blog is about you (they don't call me Einstein for nothing) so it's natural to write about your personal life. But the problem is, I'm not really one for getting too personal and if I'm honest, I never have been. I don't Instagram every meal I eat, (mainly because I'm not cool/tech savvy enough to even have an Instagram) I don't tweet every time I'm in Nando's and I definitely don't 'check in' everywhere I go on Facebook - "Ellie was at - Primark" "Ellie was at - Nando's" "Ellie was at - Bed" - no thank you, bore off!

However I am going to talk about something a little personal today, that happened to me. Well it wouldn't be personal if it happened to Joe Bloggs would it, you knob! A couple of weeks ago, I very nearly got mugged. Before you all start buying flowers, chocolates, grapes etc. for me - although if you've gone to the effort I live at 30.....- I'm absolutely fine. Two little pricks, cheeky f**kers, pieces of shit, horrible people on bikes drove past me, hit me and tried to grab my phone. Anyway, I'm not here to give you a sob story - next thing you know I'll be actually on The X-Factor and not just working on it. "Hi my name's Ellie, I got bashed up and I'm going to sing "I Will Survive!"

So, the point in my snore-worthy intro was actually to tell you that this little incident has made me realise I need some sort of self defence. Now, some people take up boxing...I'm not down with that guys, too much potential to chip a nail. Some people take up running...I'd be up for that, if I actually owned a pair of trainers other than my Primark Wedged bad boys. So, seeing as those - and anything which required physical effort - were out the picture, I stumbled across a bargainous and perfect way to defend myself if another pikey mofo strikes.

Girls, say hello to the best Jeffrey Campbell spiked Lita rip offs, and my new form of self defence....
....they are absolutely lethal I'm telling you! I even struggled to get the f***ers on as I kept poking myself with the spikes. Despite the ridiculous 5.5inch heel and 2.5inch platform, they are unbelievably comfortable. Don't however, confuse comfortable for practical - I'm pretty sure nobody would view 6inched platform shoes with a mass of spikes as practical...but just in case you do - they are not! As much as I am in love with these, they reduced my walking pace from slow...to snail's pace. I am also relatively tall, and clumsy, so am pretty much ungainly at the best of times. You can only imagine the site of me tottering along in these. Picture a cross between Peter Crouch and Bambi....and even then I think I'm being far too generous to myself.

Anyway, my lack of ability to walk in a straight line/keep myself upright aside, here's what I paired my new pride and joys with. Please bear in mind it was cold, and I was feeling rough, before you send me to the Fashion Police!
I love that fashion has gone old school with tie-die coming back on the scene. This jumper took me right back to my childhood roots - talking of roots, apologies if mine are offending you because they definitely are me! - all I need now is to wack on 'Saved by the bell' and I'm 6 years old all over again! 
Tie dye jumper that took me back to my childhood summers: Primark. Of course, where the bloody hell else?
Pleather trousers that you have, and will, see a million billion trillion times (you can never have enough 0's): H&M
Jeffrey Campbell look-a-like boots that will be in the tyre of the next fucker who tries to mug me's bike: Ever Ours

 So the moral of this story is, if you're trying to avoid getting mugged...buy some spiky Jeffrey Campbell wannabe's! No I'm only kidding, I'm not that superficial - I am, but that's just not the moral of the story - it's more to say that there are some scummy @&?/$@!>|\ out there, that do scummy things, BUT, there are a hell of a lot of good people out there too. Yes it's not nice, and yes it does definitely shake you up but if you sit and wallow indoors afraid of your own shadow, they've won. Pick yourself up, wack your boots on, and the next time they come...puncture their f***ing tyre's with them!

Thank you - as always - so much for reading. Hope you all enjoyed this post!


REVIEW: Illamasqua I'mperfection nail polish in Speckle

I am a massive nail polish whore. My collection is so ridiculous that I'd actually go as far to say it was a big as Kim Kardashian's ego. Well, maybe it's not that big...

I am also a massive chocolate fiend. I could quite easily pass on 99% of 'candy' sweets out there, but waft a bit of chocolate under my nose...and I will quite literally bite your arm off for it. I truly believe that if somebody dangled a packet of Mini eggs in front of my face and started running, I could probably run a marathon chasing after it. Erm, that's actually a massive lie slight exaggeration, I can just about make it up the stairs without being doubled over with breathlessness.

Anyway, I didn't start this post to expose myself as being as superficial as Paris Hilton and as fit as an 80year old who's smoked all their life (although that's a pretty fit description) the point of this post is to tell you that the genius' behind Illamasqua have managed to combine two of my favourite things in the world, and come up with a product that feels like it was made just for me. And probably 99% of bloggers out there, but it doesn't make you feel as special when you think of it like that does it?

Introducing Illamasqua's I'mperfection Nail polish in Speckle...
Shot s of the product, check! Shots of the nails? check! Close ups to show the colour/texture, check!
Extremely cheesy and unoriginal of painted fingers holding an empty, bashed up box of mini eggs?.....

.....check mate!
Now, let's be honest. These limited edition nail polishes are a real 'Marmite' product, you either love them or hate them - err, state the obvious you tit! - and me? I bloody love them! Not only do I love the colour (which is opaque in 2coats by the way) and effect, but they also last pretty well. When I'm at work I spend a lot of time picking up and lugging around heavy equipment, lights, camera's (action), stands, props - oh yeah, don't be fooled by the weedy arms, I'm like Arnold Schwarzenegger on the inside HA! - so the fact that this went 3 (full and long) days on my nails without a single chip speaks volumes in itself. At a pricey £14.50 this is not the cheapest of nail polishes out there (understatement of the bloody year love) but...I do love it. And, come Easter, spring time and when I'm in adventurous mood, this will be the first polish I go to. If this isn't me trying to justify my spending ban fail then I don't know what is...

I'll start to round this up as I could genuinely waffle of on about nail polish forever - I understand that means I seriously need to get a life - so, to conclude; long lasting, opaque and unique, and coming from a girl that has at least 100 nail polishes...that's saying something!

So, what do we all think of these polishes? Considering purchasing one, bought one already? I'd love to hear you thoughts.

Hope you enjoyed this post guys, thanks so much for reading!

REVIEW: Kevyn Aucoin The Celestial Powder - Candlelight

I've never written a make up review before. Now, this is definitely not because I don't wear much make up - the 10 inches worth of foundation shovelled onto my face will vouch for that - it's just that if I'm honest, I'm a bit nervous about splashing my mush (that's your face for anybody who doesn't understand cockney/common/south east London lingo) all over the World Wide Web!

But, I'm putting aside the fact that the most enormous spot blemish reared it's ugly head upon said mush today, (how bloody typical is that?) sucking it up - so to speak - and wacking one on here anyway, because today I'm reviewing a product that I love so much, that I think it's only fair to try and give the best review I possibly can. Ahh...isn't that nice of me? 

So, my first make up review goes to a product that to me, just screams luxury, screams high end, screams quality - it does a lot of flipping screaming doesn't it? - that product? Kevyn Aucoin's Celestial powder in Candlelight.
Now, as is quite clearly obvious from all of the pictures in this post, I used this product before I snapped. Whaaaaaaat? Who is this disgrace to the world of beauty blogging?! I know, I know, major blogger fail/cardinal sin, but the truth, is that I bought this highlighter way back in December after my brother bought me a Space NK voucher as one of my birthday presents - I know, boy done good - and yes, the 5 year old inside me tried it as soon as I got home, and yes, I've used it ever since! 

Now, onto the details. Why do I like Kevyn Aucoin's Candlelight so much? Well, I'll tell you...(that would probably be a good idea considering this is a review)...First off, the colour - Candlelight is a beautiful golden, champagne toned highlighter which massively appealed to me as I am very olive skinned anyway and am yet to find a pink based highlighter that suits me (...yet to find any item of makeup that improves my appearance, but that's another rant all together) although saying this, pale skinned friends of mine have borrowed this and it still looks amazing on them too.

Next up for inspection, the texture - this is where the price (more on that later) and quality shines through. This is the most finely milled powder, let alone highlighter, that I've ever come across. The texture is so buttery smooth that it never looks powdery or unnatural - unless you really overdo it, let's face it, nobody naturally looks like a bafta award trophy do they? - but just gives the most lovely 'glow'. No hint of glitter in sight, which makes a nice change from previous highlighters I've used. (Mac Soft and Gently - you hold a dear place in my heart as one of my first Mac products ever purchased...but I am looking at you!)

*WARNING: You are about to see an extremely poor attempt to capture the beautiful glow Kevyn Aucoin's little treasure gives, an extremely forced smile and (most frighteningly) an extremely haggard/tired looking/dishevelled/ [insert insulting word here] picture of my face. Don't say you wasn't warned...
For reference, all I'm wearing in this picture 'cheek-wise' is Nars Laguna and the Kevin Aucoin Candlelight. Oh, and the 10inches of foundation I mentioned earlier, obviously!
Now, pictures worthy of a Shrek look-a-like competition aside, there is a downside to the product - only the one, but still a downside - and that's the price. At a wince inducing £34, this product does not come cheap, but - cue a shameless attempt to justify spending a silly amount of money on a bit of make up - it is a luxury item, it will last forever (it better bloody do) and I am yet to find anything that compares to this. Plus, I've received so many compliments whilst wearing this. I also got a "you look quite...alive, today" I mean, you can't get better than 'alive' can you? Even if it does mean they were basically saying you look dead before.
Oh well, beggars can't be choosers!

Kevyn Aucoin is stocked at Space NK, in stores and online here

So, what do we all think. Has anyone else bought this product, anyone thinking of buying it? I'd love to know your thoughts!

Hope this post was helpful and you enjoyed this guys, thanks so much for reading!


Gluten free living - the best of Greenwich and Borough Market

Ever since I started posting about eating Gluten-Free and the awareness (or lack of) of Coeliac disease, I have been so shocked and a bit touched by the response. Don't worry, I've not turned into a total drip on you, I'm not going to go into an Oscars style speech...I'd like to thank my body for mistaking gluten for a foreign body, therefore making it attack itself, therefore causing me a hell of a lot of pain...too much? too much!

No, I'm not on here to preach, but after getting such lovely comments recently about raising awareness of having to eat gluten-free and helping other coeliacs to discover restaurants, markets etc. I'm kind of making it my personal mission to find as many - and the best - eating outlets and options available to us. Because if these sort of posts can help at least one person, then my mission is complete. And obviously it has nothing to do with the fact that I'm an absolute pig who will look for any excuse to eat the most amazing food I can find. Nothing at all...

I mentioned my love of markets in a previous post here and more specifically Greenwich and Borough markets. I also mentioned that there were a few great gluten free stalls with food's that you don't see very often. I've eaten from these stalls countless times, but unfortunately forgot to take pictures so, for the sake of the blog, and my readers, I dragged myself back there to buy them again...purely to take pictures though. Obviously!

Look and drool!

First stop, Greenwich market. First up, buckwheat galettes...
Despite the slightly suspicious name, buckwheat is a gluten-free grain made to use these 'galettes'. They remind me of 'wheatier' (100% not an actual word) tortilla wrap, and not only are they nice, but the texture is a novelty to someone who hasn't eaten a wrap for 3years. The stall is called Maison Crepes, and you can see that the galettes were cooked on a hot plate/stove/cooker kind of thing (this sentence clearly proves I never venture near the kitchen. Domestic goddess I certainly am not!) but what I liked is that the gluten-free galettes were cooked and kept completely separate from the 'non gluten-free' crepes, keeping cross-contamination risks to an absolute minimum! Cheese, mushroom, spinach and egg later...and you've got yourself a winner! 

Next up, and my personal favourite, Mini dutch dippers. I hate this word as much as I hate my awkward, ungainly outfit post poses, but oh my god....nom!!
'Mini dutch dippers' are basically mini pancakes, made from organic, naturally gluten-free rice flour. These are some of the best pancakes I've ever tasted. Bold statement, I know! You can get 8 or 12 a portion (I won't say how many I went for because that's pretty embarrassing but what I will say is I am practically a beast when it comes to food. Say no more.) Anyway, the pancakes come with a number of toppings. I would list them all but, in all a honesty I'm a lazy bitch cow, and also happened to find a brilliant picture of their 'toppings board' so...kill 2 birds with one stone and all that jazz!
I went for the nutella. I am a chocolate and hazelnut fiend so there was absolutely no other option in my book. I then added strawberry's and banana's. Strawberry's and banana's are fruit and nutella contains hazelnuts, so really, I've got myself a healthy snack there. With that philosophy, it really is a wonder how on earth I am not 50stone!
Poor picture, courtesy of my blackberry!

Special mention (check me out, thinking I'm some kind of DJ) goes to Ruby Tuesdays Bakery who also do a wide variety of cookies, loafs, muffins etc. I tried a cake of theirs a while ago which was so tasty, but... a) they don't do it anymore and b) I can't remember what it was called, and I don't have pictures. I am a disgrace to the world of blogging!
- ~ -

Next up is a trip to Borough Market (figuratively speaking, of course!) As I mentioned before, Borough Market is an absolute haven of cheeses, meats, seafood, fruit and veg and basically the best of locally sourced - as well as all over the world - food. In terms of what's available for coeliacs/gluten-free eaters at Borough Market, they have an amazing stall named Sugargrain which sells a variety of sweet and savoury treats. Banana and chocolate chip loafs, red velvet cupcakes, brownies, savoury tarts and muffins...you name it, they have it! I won't ramble on any longer because believe me - and I'm pretty sure if you're a regular reader you will - I can waffle on for a long time, especially when it comes to food. So I'll leave you a few pictures and of course, my top picks and opinions. (Again - for the 1000th time - I am no food critic. Just a girl, who eats a lot, and tells you all what I think after. Please feel free to completely ignore me and go and make your opinions...I'm sure you will ;) )
This loaf has apparently won all sorts of GF awards. Unfortunately by the time I saw it I'd already eaten a horse (obviously had just shopped at Tesco, too soon for horse burger jokes? Sincere apologies)....but I will definitely be picking this up next time. I have been told that it is amazing toasted too. Well, it would be rude not try it then wouldn't it? Exactly what I thought...
Cheese cake is one of my all time favourite deserts, this, as well as the cupcakes below, are also added to my 'Let's make the most of my fast metabolism and eat like a an absolute beast while I can' list.
I - obviously from the cheesy 'I'll include the business card to make it look more profesh' picture below - went for the savoury Butternut Squash and Feta Cheese tart. Oh em gee (another 'kill me now' phrase added to my ever growing list) I love butternut squash - like really love butternut squash - and feta so this was a no-brainer for me anyway. The filo pastry had a great texture, just the right amount of crispy, crumbliness...without actually falling apart. I ate this cold as I was a greedy pig who couldn't bear waiting but I'd imagine this is even better hot. I've also had the goats cheese and caramelised onion tart but this one was definitely my favourite!

Knife and fork? Erm...I'm a pick it up and dive in kind of girl if I'm honest!
And last but not least, was a trip over to Flaxjacks a stall dedicated to flapjacks. Funny that, you'd never guess from the name would you? Anyway, the flapjacks are made from freshly ground linseed meal, which is full of omega 3 and fibre which is extremely good for you...an added bonus. (That sentence actually made me sound half intelligent/like I know what I'm talking about didn't it? 3 words...copy.and.paste! Ha.
All the flapjacks are wheat free but they also have some gluten-free options made out quinoa and linseed too. This sounded intriguing to me, so I bought one. I am such an advertisers dream. I went for the Vanilla flapjack and I have to say - despite preconceived judgement - I really enjoyed it. They're definitely...hard. Don't be immature ;) What was I saying? Oh, hard. Yes, they're pretty solid, in fact I'd go as far to say that if you're ever being mugged (god forbid that situation never arises) and you haven't got a spare kosh, brick [insert dangerous weapon here] wack out your flaxjacks, and go straight for their heads. Concussion for days I'm telling you. So yeah, before I ramble into March, they tasted lovely, slightly nutty due to the quinoa and definitely harder than your average flapjack, but hey...it didn't make me sick! (High standards, high standards)
So there is my 'Best of Gluten-Free at Greenwich and Borough Market' (longest title ever) I really hope this is helpful to any coeliac, gluten-free eaters out there. I'd absolutely love to know if any of you have tried any of the above, or have any recommendations. I am all ears!
And to those of you who couldn't care less about any of what I've just spoke about (I'd say there's probably a fair few) I hope you enjoyed my dry banter, poor photography and shocking attempts to be serious when it comes to food.
As always, thank you so much for reading!
© the Elle next door

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