OOTD: Feeling Blue?

Excuse me for a moment while I vomit over how disgustingly cheesy the title to this post is. This unfortunately is the result of two problems. 1 being that "50 shades of Blue" felt a little 'been there, done that...a year ago' and 2, being the fact that I am completely slightly delirious after leaving the office at midnight and hardly having any sleep over the last few days (Oh god, here we go, she's off again!) But you know what, if you lovely lot can put up with my constant rambling, unfunny jokes, sporadic swearing - I hold my hands up to the fact that I have the filthiest mouth ever. I would say that I'll change this rotten habit but...that just wouldn't be realistic/me so, how about we just settle for an apology in advance. Deal? Deal - then I'm pretty sure one more cheesy pun won't hurt. It was a horrifically bad one so it actually does, you say? Oh...awkward.

Let's get onto the outfit, after all this is a fashion and beauty blog - well, that's probably a bit of an insult to the other amazing F&B blogs out there but that's what I aim for it to be anyway - and not a "let's see how many shite shockingly bad jokes/puns I can make in one post" blog (although if it was, I'm pretty sure mine would be the best out there!) So, I wore this to a friends summer party. I kind of like it. But then I kind of felt a bit too....girly in it? A bit prim and proper. I generally like to pair 'pretty' items with something a bit rocky/grungy to not feel so 'done' (Jesus, I'm making full use of the old apostrophe's today aren't I?) however I felt like there was just no way of doing that without going a bit 'Lily Allen, trainers and dress stylee' Never ever a good look (...neither is it ever acceptable to use the term 'stylee' - oh god, here goes with the apostrophes again - sincere apologies, on both parts!)

Said dress...Oh, just quickly - I'm sorry I'm sorry, I know I need to shut the fuck hell up and get onto the pictures - but I do feel like I need to apologise/warn you in advance that these are easily the worst pictures I've ever used for an outfit post. A combination of having 5minutes to take them, 15minutes to get ready, humidity and rain means I look even worse than usual. Don't say I didn't warn you!!
...Oh Hi there shockingly bad editing skills. I'm so glad you've joined 'terrible posing', 'rambles for years' and 'swears like a trooper' in my list of reasons why I qualify for the title of "World's worst blogger!"
Woops, should've warned you in advance that this one was a bit of a close up (bit of a close up? understatement of the year love, but thanks for putting me off my breakfast anyway!)

Dress that looks like some kind of antique off of Dickinson's Real Deal: Primark. Where else?
Pretty to look at, bitch to walk in shoes: Zara

I am currently writing this post on one of the hottest days of the year - which to be fair, considering I'm from London, isn't very hot at all! - and I've suddenly realised that I need a wardrobe update. Out with the dark colours, neutrals and layers (well, not completely out, we all know the likelihood of that is akin to Kim Kardashian turning down a magazine deal for the Kimye baby's first photo's) and in with the...well, this where you come in. What trends/items are you all loving for summer this year? What do I need - yes, need - to have in my wardrobe? Answers on a postcode - or for those who don't appreciate a good old quote - leave a comment below :)

Hope you enjoyed this post guys. As always, thanks so much for reading!


REVIEW: Aussie Aussome Volume, Miracle Hair Insurance, 3 Minute Miracle. Hair Heroes!

For some completely strange, weird, unknown [insert similar words here because if you leave it to me I will literally still be rambling at Christmas] reason, i get a lot of lovely comments regarding my hair. I'm not sure whether people say these sort of things to give my 'size of a pea' ego a boost, or maybe they're so astounded by the look of everything else on me that they're clutching at straws and going for the obvious line, or  - and I'd say this was definitely the most likely of the three - they are just pure and simply taking the piss. Or, maybe it's all three. I think that's probably the safer bet!

Which is where the hair care range 'Aussie' comes into play. Aussie is one of those brands that you see constantly on the high street - drugstores for you Americans reading ;) - and whilst I've always wanted to give their products a go, I've never actually committed. You know, bop into the shop - bop? I'm not sure why on earth I would bop anywhere but I'm going to roll with it anyway - grab a load of products, wack it on the counter, done...all mine! I'm not sure why, maybe the price put me off (they are around a fiver on average so this is a complete reflection of my utter 'tight arse-ness' rather than the affordability of the products) or maybe that it was due to the fact that I live at home so more often than not, just use whatever has been bought on the weekly shop? I'd probably say a combination of the both. Laziness and a massive cheapskate - and the award for the worst blogger of all time goes to....Ahhh thanks guys, I never win anything!!

No, completely ridiculous, unfunny - is that even a word? English teachers look away now - dry jokes aside, good old Tesco had a 3 for £10 on Aussie products, and good old Ellie fell hook, line and sinker into that deal. The fact that Aussie has a bit of a quirky, unique style, with witty little phrases and catch lines didn't hurt the cause either. But don't worry I wasn't one of those people who make the most of the offers and stock up as if they're automatically going to turn agoraphobic overnight and no longer be able make it outside to the shops. Oh no, not one of those....
...little white lies are allowed once in a while right?! In all honesty, I'm in love with the whole range, but for the sake of yours and my own sanity, I'll just go into detail for my top 3 picks Thank f**k for that, said everybody, that will ever read this post. P.S I actually bought more products than the picture shows above however the lazy prat in me being the unorganised  person I am, forgot to get the rest from my bathroom. I'm a disgrace, I know!

First up in the Aussie line up is their Aussome - see what they did there? See, see? - Volume Shampoo (£4.49) Now, here's my issue with 'volumising' shampoo's. For a start, I have yet to come across one that actually works. Whether that be because I have pretty long, thick hair...I don't know, but what I do know is even frizzier/lion's mane/Hagrid-esque/dragged through a hedge backwards hair is never a good look - I know, judging by my hair in all my pics you'd never believe that I knew that - and that's exactly what I ended up with with previous volume shampoo's. This one however, is different. From the first use I noticed that as well as smelling bloody lovely - same goes with each of the products I tried FYI. Always wanted to use FYI in a post. Does that make me a loser? On second thoughts...don't answer that - and making my hair extremely soft, it was actually noticeably more voluminous from root to tip. And not in a "Hi Hagrid, what have you done with Ellie?" way. More of a "Cheryl when did you move to South East London?" way. HA, IN MY BLOODY DREAMS!! No, it doesn't perform miracles but it is pretty impressive!
Next up for my blunt scrutiny, their Miracle hair insurance leave-in conditioner (£4.49)...and, breeeeaathe. For the last year or so I've shunned 'leave-in conditioners' for hair oils, so I was a bit hesitant to try this assuming it would be a bit...'lackluster' in comparison. As with 99% of things in life, I was wrong. *cue the violins, wack out the sad Eastender's theme tune when someone's died, and everyone say "ahhh poor you"* Now, soppy soaps aside, where was I? Oh hair products, that's right. I sprayed the leave-in conditioner pretty liberally (basically, I could've showered in it and still had less in my hair) and it really did leave my hair feeling so soft and smooth, made it much easier to brush through (#winning) and just kept my shitty scraggly barnet well conditioned and frizz free - well, let's be serious, less frizzy - a winner in my books. I would highly recommend!
Ahh the 3 minute Miracle Reconstructer (£4.99) Jesus Aussie, give us less well spoken girls a break with these tongue-twisting names will you?! Possibly the most hyped/talked about product of the bunch. Is it just me - oh god, whenever I ask these questions I'm pretty sure I'm always met with a resounding 'yes, it is just you' - but when a product is really highly thought of, I kind of want to, I don't know...prove it wrong? Yes I know that's ridiculous because I've spent my well earned money on it, but I hate falling into the trap of thinking I like a product when actually I'm just being influenced by the majority of bloggers raving about it. Anyway, putting my strange tendencies aside, I wanted to hate this product, but I couldn't. This is just a great, really basic deep conditioner - err...we realised that from the name you tit - that just, works! Soft, nourished, smooth and well conditioned without becoming greasy hair - listen to me going on as if I'm in some sort of commercial - you can't really ask for much more than that can you? 

So, as per bloody usual I waffled into the year 2014 (and not given up my love of exaggeration either) so to make this easier - or for people with the attention span of a 2year old, just like me - I'll wrap this up short and sweet. Considering how inexpensive the Aussie range is, these products are ridiculously good. They easily match up to some pretty high end hair products that I've used before (for anyone that knows how much of a tight-arse I am, yes they were samples) Each and every product smells amazing - major plus for me - genuinely improved the condition of my hair and most importantly, has become the first set of hair products that I have, and will, consistently re-purchase for what I predict to be a very long time. So, in the extreme unlikelihood that those people pulling out the compliments for my old barnet, were being genuine and not just taking the piss - these Aussie products are what I credit for the condition of it!

Go on girls, treat yourselves.......you're worth it. 
Oh fuck, wrong brand! ;)
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