OOTD: That Zara Pyjama Playsuit

If "jumping on the bandwagon" was a GSCE, I'd have got an A*. A degree? a First. A driving test? smashed first time - OK, stop bragging you arse and get on with the post - but no, this is not me trying to 'big myself up'/make me feel like I'm actually good at something/over compensate for the lack of qualifications listed above in my own educational life (well, it probably is a little bit of that too) what I'm actually trying to get at is, if something's been hyped up across the blogosphere - 1) if anyone can say that word without feeling like a massive tit, please let me know? and 2) if anyone ever meets me in real life, please feel free to slap me in the face for using it! - then you can bet your bottom dollar I've caved and bought it too.

The item in question today? That pyjama-esque playsuit. First Vivianna rocked it, then I saw it on Suzi, shortly followed by a tonne of people all over the likes of lookbook, Instagram etc. and then, my hands slipped on the mouse, randomly ended up on the Zara website, accidentally hovered over and clicked the 'Add to bag' button and somehow managed to type my details out and bob's your uncle. Bought. Isn't it a bitch when that happens? ("No, you're the bitch" Screams my poor, increasingly dwindling, purse!)

Said Pyjama style playsuit. With a side of cheesy/vacant/standard 'awkwardly grabbing the barnet and staring at the floor' poses.

Recycling bins in the background. Classy as ever Elle, classy as ever!

...and when you're face is cramping up from fake smiling, you still don't like any of the pictures and are fucked off have had enough of passers by giving you funny looks....it's time to wack out the standard 'hair grab, look down pose'....

... voilah! *repeats over and over again* Must learn a new pose, must learn a new pose!

Bangwaon/"I look like a grandad" Playsuit: Zara
Worn 'em a million times boots: Ebay
Said Vacant "Not sure what to do so I'll just grab the barnet and stare at the floor pose: Models own

Now, I know Hugh Hefner/'Grandad chic' - can't quite believe I just put grandad and chic in the same sentence - isn't for everybody, and this playsuit especially is a bit of a love/hate item* but personally, I bloody love it - obviously knob head or you wouldn't be wearing it - and the fact that it's so unbelievably comfortable literally makes me not want to take it off. (#Tramp) It's basically a more socially acceptable version of a onesie (I don't care who you are, if you wear a onesie outside, you're a tit!)....so if you manage to pick this up in store or online - I got mine online, in the sale for £12.99, Charlie Sheen 'Winning' or what? - then I can't recommend it enough!

So, am I the only that caved to Blogger hype? Has anyone else given in and purchased this little bad boy too, what do you all think? I'd love to know!

*oh, and would anyone judge me for giving myself a pat on the back for using the love/hate term without making a reference to Marmite? If you do, judge away....

Hope you enjoyed this post guys. As always, thanks for reading!


REVIEW: You can take the girl out of TOWIE....Kiss Nail Wraps!

You can take the girl out of TOWIE, but you can't take the TOWIE out the girl. Or say so they say....well, I'm pretty sure whoever coined that phrase wasn't referring to someone not working on a TV show anymore but that's where I'm going with it so, what can you do? (Click on the X in the top right corner? Said every - slightly harsh - blogger bored of my rambly nonsense already!)

I was contacted recently to see whether I'd be interested in trying the 'Kiss nail wraps'. Now, as much as I should probably be more selective in what I receive - would I usually use it? would it be something I'd usually buy? - the beauty whore/hoarder/compulsive spender in me immediately says 'Yes' to emails like this when I first started receiving them. And you know what...I'm pretty glad I did. Would I have walked into Boots/Superdrug/Walmart (Apologies for trying to fit in with the cool Americans. I am not cool, or American, and therefore just sound like a complete and utter tit!) spotted these and wacked the Blingtastic, Essex-esque - nothing wrong with Essex, just saying ;)..., ever so slightly tacky - nail wraps in my basket? No! (Sh*t, she wasn't lying when she said she was blunt) Am I glad that I got the chance to wear them and try them out, though? Yes I bloody am. After all, everyone needs a bit of bling in their life. Onto the pictures...
Any photographers/photography experts/directors/anybody in the world with eye sight better than my own (that'll be 99% of the population then) will probably be insulted by the lack of quality/my own reflection/just about everything in this picture. I am too. It'll be my new years resolution to improve. We all know how well that's going to go then...
The Kiss nail wraps give you 18 strips so that you can chose the size that fits your nails best, which is obviously great as we don't all have the same shape nails, but - oh god, here goes the 'but' - maybe it's just the greedy bitch in me, but I just want more! I don't want 18. 18 means I get one wear and neeeaarly two. You're just teasing me Kiss you son of a bitch cheeky things!
In terms of application, they are ridiculously easy to use. Simply chose the size that fits each nail best, press them on and bend the remaining wrap back down behind the nail. Then take the nail file included in the set - nice touch Kiss, I am forever losing my nail files #LifeSavers #StillADickForUsingHashtagsInBlogposts - and file off the remainders. Piece of piss Nice and Simple. If someone with as fiddly fingers as me - definitely just made myself sound like a pervert. I'm not, FYI! - can apply these, then anyone, regardless of how clumsy they are, can!
Ta-dah! Despite feeling ever so slightly like Katie Price/something off of Big Fat Gypsy Weddings/Toddlers and Tiaras, as a one off...I actually pretty like them. They're a bit of fun, something to brighten up your day (literally) and just a change for your usual suspects! Kiss claim that they last up to 10 days, they actually lasted around 3 days on me before they started to get demolished peel off but as I said, for me they're only a novelty wear so that isn't a major concern. For those who want their fingers to look vajazzled long term (potentially the strangest sentence ever to have graced a blog post)...they might not be for you.

The Kiss nail wraps cost £5.99 and are available from Asda. 

And yes, that last sentence was extremely short and sweet for somebody who takes 3 paragraphs to say what each post is actually about. The truth (...the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Check me out getting all Judge Judy on you) being that I am actually recovering from an extremely 'heavy night' and for the life of cannot make a pun out of the 'Asda Price' slogan. Yes, I am a sad excuse for a human being. I hope you forgive me, or at least carry on reading my blog :)

If any of you have tried these out, or anything similar I'd love to hear/see your posts on what you think. Am I the only one embracing my inner chav? Talk to me!

Hope you enjoyed this post guys. As always, thanks for reading!

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