New Shoes: Snakeskin skates

I was considering making 'New shoes' posts a series, because in all honesty, I could keep that series going on forever. At this present moment in time - which finds me sitting in front on the TV watching the Kardashians and perusing the ASOS shoe section, FYI - I've decided against it as I a) do not need anymore shoes in my life (although I'm many of you will agree that there is no such thing as too many shoes?) and b) do not need an excuse to purchase, and bring anymore shoes in to my life.

So for now we'll stick with my latest purchase. The Skate shoes. 

Yep, I've fallen hook, line and sinker for that band wagon. For a change...
I can honestly say that I had no intention of picking a pair of these up. Yes, they look amazing on Lily Melrose and The Blonde Salad. Yes, right now they are the epitome of 'laid-back cool'... but I just couldn't get past the hurdle of acquiring what are effectively, a pair of trainers.

That however, was until I spotted these H&M snakeskin bad boys. They're just a bit different from the others. Unique enough to stand out from the rest and add a little somethin' somethin' to your outift, but with colours neutral enough to go with pretty much anything. It's love.

Erm, yeah, it's totally possible to be in love with a pair of shoes. Right girls? Right?... that'll be just me then.
Weird, superficial love aside, they're extremely comfortable and I can see these featuring a lot in my sping time wardrobe. (Who am I kidding? I definitely would've purchased at least 2 - 3 more pairs before spring actually rears it's head)

Oh, a nice little added bonus point for H&M, I actually saw an identical pair to these - perhaps with a more pink tinge - that cost a ridiculous £69.99. These H&M gems were £25. 'Nuff said!

So, what do you think about Skate shoes? Like them, loathe them, own a pair or ready to buy some? I'd love to hear from you.

As always, thank you so much for reading!


The New Icons: That Jumpsuit

There's always those items of clothing that no matter how popular and 'trendy' they get, no matter how amazing they look on everyone else, you just don't get it. This item for me, is the jumpsuit.

I'm not sure whether it's the perception that it can sometimes - and in reality, most often does - completely swamp your figure if you're on the smaller side, but it can also look a bit, how can I put this... Lesbian boiler chic-esque. If that is even such a thing. Pretty sure it isn't...

Today's "will I look like the bloke that comes to fix the boiler?" jumpsuits comes courtesy of H&M and their new range of 'The New Icons' and all I can say is, why on earth haven't I picked one up before? This H&M gem is literally the most comfortable thing in my wardrobe. Soft, cozy and the smart navy blue colour kiiiiiind of distracts from the fact you're wearing a glorified onesie. Win, win!
Now on to the shoes. I got these in the River Island sale on Boxing day and I'd be an absolute liar if I said that I didn't buy them because I'd seen Kim Kardashian in a similar pair and loved them. Classy girl ;)

Oh, disclaimer, if you've got a bit of an issue with toes, look away now. If you've got a slight foot fetish, 1 - you'll love these and 2 - you're just weird! 
And on to my favourite part of taking blog photo's. The outtakes. Now I know that I'm not the only one that looks back and falls on the floor laughing - slight exaggeration - checking out the ridiculous faces/poses you pull when taking photos, right? Or if you're like me, fanny-ing around, skipping, and generally embarrassing the poor person taking them. I'm pretty sure that's my specialty!

Talking of sexy, what are you loving for Spring/Summer? If you're in the UK, clearly that means, what are you loving for the weather that no longer resembles the Antarctic?

Are jumpsuits your thing? What's the verdict on them? Either way, I have a Space NK and House of Fraser voucher burning a hole in my pocket.

Spring recommendations on a postcard please. [READ: That's the comments section for dopey girls trying to be 'trendy'] ;)

As always, thank you so much for reading!


Beyonce Month (March) Favourites

March. The month that will be forever known and referred to by me, as... Beyonce month! I saw the beautiful, incredible, amazing, unbelievable - OK, OK, I'll quit gushing now - woman perform at the very beginning of March and it's fair to say that as well as performing out of this world/[insert your superlative of choice here] it also set me right up for the month. It was always gonna' be a good'un when Bey starts it off isn't it? Bey... who do I think I am?... what an arse!

I have an annoying as fuck tendency to ramble on when it comes to favourites posts. I guess it's a mix of being ridiculous chatty by nature, and somehow trying - and failing - to condense a month's musings into one post that doesn't bore the life out of you poor, poor readers. Let's see how that attempt goes today eh? 

On to the March favourites that don't include Beyonce, Beyonce's music and Beyonce's make up (and if I'm being 'real' here...Beyonce's arse!)
Revlon lip butter in Strawberry Shortcake - This certainly isn't a new or exciting product, but it's probably one of two go-to lip products for me. A mid toned, bright pink. Bright enough to perk up your face (result) but subtle enough to wear daily. It also packs a good moisturising punch which is always a bonus...

Maybelline Big Eyes mascara - This is a bit of a controversial one. I do like this product, but I'm not in love with it. It's a nice mascara - nice is never a good word, too 'average' for my liking - it lengthens the lashes well but doesn't do a huge amount of volumising which in all honesty, is what I look for in a mascara. So why is it a part of your monthly favourites you silly cow? the bottom lash end. To put it bluntly. It does such a great job of covering and coating the lower lash line producing definition that makes the smokey/big eye lover in me very happy!

Charles Worthington Salon at Home Moisture Seal Hair Healer Leave-in conditioner - firstly a note to charles (who is obviously gonna be reading my blog *tumbleweed*....) the length of this products name? that ain't cool charles. It drags on longer than I bloody do, but product names that take 10 minutes to say out loud aside, this is really, really good stuff. It's surprisingly fluid-like and light for a serum but don't be deceived, it's extremely moisturising. I've finally found that product that saves my hair from looking like straw, without making it look greasier than Russell Brand a kebab. My mission in life = accomplished. #FirstWorldProblems

Origins Vitazing Energy boosting moisturiser - This deserves a blog post - maybe even a whole blog? Sorry, too much... - to itself. So that's exactly what it'll get. Until then, it's bloody brilliant and I highly recommend!

Now on to the 'human' and random favourites. Oh we've got some goodun's this month ;)
Lipstick with some sunshine - I'm pretty sure it was Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup who recommended this blog, and I cannot thank her enough! It's not very often I find a blog and trawl allll the way through to the very beginning and that's exactly what I did with this one. Beautiful, clean photography, well written reviews and a good mixture of products, tips and accessories. I love this one!

Zoella's Company cover - Don't tell me that I wasn't the only one that did a little fist pump seeing Zoe's cover in store? Anyone representing (almost said reppin' then, before realising and deeply re-assessing my life) bloggers, has definitely got my seal of approval. Looked beautiful, came across great, god us bloggers us bloody taking over. (Yeah, course you are Elle, sitting there in PJ's eating McDonalds, watching Kardashian re-runs. "world domination")

Nic from Pixiwoo's Victoria Beckham Tutorial - Hit the link, need I say more? Stunning!

So that just about concludes my March - sorry, Beyonce Month - favourites. Despite it kicking off with a bang, March has been outrageously busy and stressful for me for a whole manor of reasons but mainly because I have started on a new show. I'm not complaining - definitely am - that's the world of TV, but I am implementing serious 'Get the fuck over it Elle' operations. This involves crying my eyes out and having a breakdown, but more importantly, a shopping spree. Guess what my next post might be?...

TheySeeMeHaulin ;)

Hope you enjoyed this guys, as always, thanks so much for reading!

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