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For this Wednesdays post, there will be something slightly different from my usual  'Woman crush Wednesday' in the form of my May favourites, and more specifically, the blogger/vlogger favourites. This is for multiple reasons, A - I haven't really been loving any new favourites/any that haven't been featured previously. B - because even if I did have new favourites, I definitely don't have the time to photograph, edit etc (life of a girl working in TV... Oh here she goes again, moany bitch!) and C - because who better to girl crush on than our very own fellow bloggers/vloggers eh?

Said bloggers that I've happily stalked, outfit perved on, admired recently? Read on....

Hannah Maggs - this isn't the first time I've mentioned Hannah (and let's be honest, the adorable squeaky G) before. I absolutely love their videos and genuinely look forward to them popping up in my subs box on Sundays and Wednesdays.. Watching Hannah and her little family is - without sounding like an utter knob - completely heartwarming. What I love most is that they're real. They don't just feature the picture perfect, Pinterest-esque moments in life and I love that because it makes them relateable, like she could be my friend (I would actually love that. Which also happens to be my second loser confession of this post, it's going well guys, it's going well...) she also has the most flawless, glowy, natural makeup. That kind of "I woke up like this" look that I never, ever seem to be able to achieve.

Fashion influx - I have been a follower of Lydia for what feels like a bloody life time (in reality it's probably been a couple of years.) She's cool, like, stupidly girl. The girl can pull off just about every trend that I've ever seen anyone talk about/feature. Chokers, bowler hats, creepers and cut out's... If it's bound to make me look like a total tit, it's bound to look amazing on her! If it wasn't for the fact that she's so damn likeable in her video's and writing (and I'm sure in real life) I might just hate her :) Oh, and like Hannah, her makeup is perfection. *grabs purse, legs it to a Mac counter to buy Spice lip liner*

What's in her wardrobe - I'm a new follower to Gemma's What's in her Wardrobe and I'm a bit annoyed with myself for this. Where has this blog been all my life? Despite the fact that her blog gives me serious wardrobe envy/ a need to head to Topshop and buy the entire store, once I discovered it, I couldn't help but go back through the archives stalking checking previous posts. Like all of them. Every single bloody one! She also rocks co-ords like no other. (Gemma, if you're reading this, which I highly, highly doubt..lend me your wardrobe for a day?)

Megs, Wonderful you - If I had balls, I would walk straight to a salon and get my hair dyed to match Megs. Serious hair envy alert over here. But as it goes, I don't, so I'll just sit back and admire from afar. Her make up is beautiful and so complimentary of her hair and skin tone but the fashion is where my love lies. She has such an effortless style that I really love and will be taking a lot of inpiration from. She is also my blog photography crush. Her photo's are just dreamy...

So, for the sake of my worn out fingers, and your sanity/boredom, I will end this post here because quite frankly, my list of favourite bloggers is endless. If you haven't already checked these lovely ladies blog's out - which I'm certain you will have - then I urge you too. Although a quick disclairer: once you start reading, you won't be able to stop!"  ;)

Hope you enjoyed this post guys. I would love to know who your favourite bloggers are at the moment. And also what your blog links are if you have a blog, I am forever on the hunt for more "I'm about to read my life away" blog links.

See you in the next post!


# WCW - Woman Crush Wednesday - Blake Lively

This Woman Crush Wednesday - aka my blatant excuse to fan girl/girl crush/generally embarrass myself over a girl - goes to someone that I'm pretty sure 90% of the blogging world have been crushing on of late. She wowed at Cannes, her and her husband (only the bloody Ryan Reynolds) are practically the new Posh and Becks, and let's not forget the show she was a major part of... Gossip Girl.

Yep, if you're a blogger - or even just a girl - and haven't seen Gossip girl, you don't exist to me!

Jokes aside, let my woman crush Wednesday -  if you haven't guessed by now it is of course the phenomenal Blake Lively - Crushing commence...

That hair. I heard somewhere that the secret to Blakes hair is tying it in a bun after it's been washed, leave it overnight and voila... Perfect Blake lively curls. Let me just put it out there that when I do that to my hair - i.e when I can't be arsed I'm too lazy to do anything about it - it might turn out half decent perhaps 1 time out of 10. So unless your Blake and naturally perfect, I'd save this for the Hollywood stars! Lucky Fuckers things...

The Makeup - nobody, and I mean nobody, rocks the inner corner highlight like Blake. This, as well as the constantly bronzed and fresh "I've just come back from a holiday in the Caribbean" - which she probably has - skin, means the Blake always looks healthy and glowing and generally Hollywood Perfect.

And last but definitely not least. Let's perve on talk about those red carpet appearances, and more specifically, those recent Cannes Film Festival Pictures.

Yep, I'm sure you know the ones. *Swoons in a massive girl crush way*

Isn't she just perfection in human form? And that Chanel dress, I have no words (...well, that's not exactly true as I love to waffle so I have lots of words)

And I think that's about it for today's Woman Crush Wednesday. Having been a Gossip Girl addict, (and self confessed loser!) having always loved the flawless, bronzed skin and glowy makeup look, and of course those dresses, there was no way Blake couldn't feature in this series today. 

So, tell me, who is your latest girl crush? Whose fashion, makeup etc have you been loving?
I would love to know! (...and have some beutiful faces to waste time staring at) ;)

Hope you enjoyed this random little photo bomb, see you in the next post!


#WCW - Woman crush Wednesday - Rosie Huntington Whiteley

I saw this little hashtag/phase/trend on Instagram last week (I know, forever late to the game) and immediately stated that this was - in the words of Cheryl Cole in her 2010 X-Factor days - right up my street!

Considering that I spend half of my time perving stalking checking out admiring random women's clothes, makeup, style [insert equally superficial activity here] I thought why not dedicate a post each Wednesday to my latest girl crush. Said girl crush at the moment? Rosie Huntington Whiteley. Supermodel, former Victoria's Secret Angel, actress and all round top babe, who better to start off this series with...

Let's break it down. That face.Yes make up goes along way but of there is anyone that can rock a nude/rosey lip and smokey neutral eye like Rosie then I will eat my trilby hat (keeping it RHW themed, obviously)

The hair. Oh Rosie, if Goldilocks was a real life person... you see where I'm going with this. Gorgeous, honey coloured locks that always look so bloody nourished and cared for. Perfect, and I'm talking perfect wavey hair that always looks so... done, whether she's at an event or a casual day off. She will forever be my hair idol.

And lastly, but certainly not least - and probably the aspect that indulges my girl crush perving the most - that style of hers. Not only does she never get it wrong on the red carpet, but her casual/day wear style is just completely on point. Whether it's pulling an outfit together with a trilby, statement pair of boots or a nice blazer or jacket... she always just looks 'pulled together'. Rosie is probably my ultimate fashion idol and bearing in mind that I genuinely do think about fashion for 99% of my free time, this says a lot! I would quite happily wear any outfit I've ever seen her sport. Especially that Balmain dress...

I probably should've pre-warned you about the picture heaviness of this blog post (apologies) but Rosie Huntington Whiteley - fortunately for my perving and unfortunately for my self esteem - just cannot take a bad picture.

So, are you joining me in girl crushing over Rosie? Who is your Woman Crush Wednesday. I would love to know.

....and then immediately get on google to perve admire them! ;)

Happy #WCW, see you in the next post.


REVIEW: Melvita Nectar Pur: Purifying Cleansing Gel and Roll on

PR samples have been a bit of a touchy subject in the blogging world of late. Many have made bold statements stating that they'll never receive them because they feel it compromises the integrity of their blog as many feel pressured to rave about free items they've received. Whilst others will receive every new release and you struggle to find a post that doesn't contain something they're received for free. I understand why people have strong opinions about this, but ultimately your blog is your blog. Surely the whole point of writing your own blog anyway is to express what you feel no matter what anyone else thinks? I guess what I'm trying to say - without getting all philosophical on your arse - life's too short to get mad over bloggers writing about items which are essentially, pretty superficial. Live and let live (and all that jazz...)

Now, blogging arguments - 1st world problems - aside, the reason for my random ramble above, is because today I'm reviewing two PR samples that are actually pretty brilliant. And yet I'm always a bit reluctant to rave about 'freebies' for fear of thinking that my readers - that's you, Mum. And you boyf ( an absolute push) - will think I'm dishonestly raving about something because I received it for free. I'm not one of those "suck up to everyone to get extra followers types" we can tell that by the amount of followers you have love... so I can assure you that my review today is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!
First up, the Melvita Purifying Cleansing gel*. This is part of the new Nectar Pur range targeted at Combination/Oily skin and I will firstly point out that I completely agree with that statement. If you have dry, dehydrated skin, this range - or at least what I've used from it anyway - will probably not work for you. It does feel quite mattifying which isn't personally a problem for my combination skin as long as I inject a bit of moisture in somewhere along the line. So, before this gets even wordier, let's break it down. Melvita claims: 
  • It helps to balance the skin. I have to agree with this. My skin's left feeling non-shiny but not stripped of moisture.
  • It cleanses and purifies the skin. Again, I completely agree. One thing to note is that this cleanser is so gentle that by first impressions you can often feel like it hasn't really done a lot. Continued use for me, proved that my skin was clearer and more even in tone than it has been for months.
  • It regulates sebum and keeps skin shine free. Yes it does, pretty much completely shine free which to reiterate again, if you have really oily skin then that's a big plus. If however you have more combination skin, you'll definitely feel the need to add a sufficient dose of moisturiser in there.
To conclude, (oh, here I go, getting all Year 6 English exams on you by 'concluding') if you have oily/combination skin, this is a really great purifying, mattifying and most remarkably, gentle gel cleanser that I have - and I'm sure will continue - to enjoy using. Now, on to the Star of the show....
Melvita Purifying Roll on* - Oh boy is this stuff good. A warning/disclaimer in advance, the following review contains some serious fan girling/gushing/generally shameless "I can't live without this" drawls. I have tried so many faddy "spot removal" products and not a single one has actually helped. I know I may be on my own here (?) but personally, the Origins spot remover didn't do anything for me. It brought the impurities to the surface (we all know that's the polite way of saying, it made the puss come out. Sexy) This however, really is different. Here's the deets:

  • Helps neutralise spots blemishes. I've never thought about 'neutralising spots' before but yes, I guess this does. For me, it reduces redness and inflammation.
  • Blemishes dry out. Now this, I actually have to disagree with...but in a good way. I personally hate when products dry out a spot because it makes your skin flaky and hard to cover up. Because of the oils in this roll on, it just does the job without making blemishes flaky, and generally more noticeable.
  • Blemishes seem to disappear. I mean, all blemishes disappear eventually but I totally agree that this helps to clear them up much quicker than if left alone. I honestly - if I was still 11 years old I'd say "swear on my mum's life"... anyone else remember everyone saying that? Just me?... - use this once and within a day, the blemish has pretty much disappeared. You can't ask for much better than that can you?
So, to wrap this bad of a post up - I ramble at the best of times but get me started on a product I love, we're talking rambling into 2015 territory here - Melvita's Purifying Cleansing gel is a winner if you need a gentle yet purifying cleanser for oily skin. The purifying roll on is just a winner for anyone that suffers from the odd rank ugly spot blemish now and again and wants it cleared up ASAP. I mean, come on, who doesn't want that?

So tell me, has anyone tried any of this range, thinking of trying some products out? I would love to know what you think. If there's any other products out there that you'd recommend also, my purse will hate you, but I definitely will not :)

Hope you enjoyed this post and found it useful. See you in the next one!


The Primark Midi: Part 1

There's something about midi skirts that whilst I love how they look on so many other bloggers, I'm not entirely enthralled with how they look on me. This also brings me nicely on to the problem with my second home Primark. If I walked into Zara, Topshop [insert your own lovely, but overpriced shop here] and saw a £50 midi, I'd appreciate it, then happily walk away. However when you walk into Primark, see a lovely, 'slightly out of your comfort zone but how could you possibly not buy it for £8' skirt, it goes straight into my basket before you can say unnecessary.

Said unnecessary, slightly picnic blanket-esque, but actually quite lovely skirt below. Oh, and also part 1 due to the fact that after wearing it once, I immediately went out and bought it in 3 other colours. It's OK, it's not like I'm saving for a house or anything.

If Carlsberg did guilty faces....
My main observation of this skirt is that it makes me feel like bloody Cinderella #MassiveLoserAlert It has that lovely 'swishy' factor, you know what I'm talking about (right?), when you just can't help but twirl around whilst wearing it. (Ridiculous photo evidence below) If you wear a flowy midi skirt and your inner 3year old princess doesn't come out in you, you are not human! (or maybe you are and I'm just a massive tit? I'll let you be the judge of that)
As well as being able to twirl like a Disney character - which is obviously really cool - I've stepped out of my ridiculously small comfort zone with this. Despite the fact that whilst wearing this I could quite easily be mistaken for a picnic blanket, I actually really like the colour and pattern. I'm not a big red - or any bold colour - wearer, but I really enjoyed wearing this. Embracing colour will be my spring resolution. (If spring ever comes London!!)
Skirt: Primark
Shoes: Primark
Top: H&M
Necklace: Primark
Pasty body that hasn't seen sunlight in far too long: Models own
Lipgloss that's barely visible in the photos, but I will get my arse in gear and post about soon: Tanya Burr's 'First Date'

What do you think of the old gingham, flared, midi. Own this yourself, anything similar? Any similar blog posts you think I need to check out? Links and comments are more welcome than an entire wardrobe full of Midi's. And they're very welcome :)

As always, thank you so much for reading. See you in the next post!

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