June Favourites

I seem to have missed my monthly favourites for the passed couple of months now because I'm a lazy bitch life has been a little bit crazy lately. With my work:social life ratio pushing me slightly over the edge recently, - I wish I was joking but I'm afraid not. Add in watching Zoe (Zoella's "sometimes it gets too much") vlog and I was crying myself a river - I am unbelievably happy to finally have slightly more time to relax. Eat, sleep, blog, repeat everyday maybe?

Or maybe not.

But I will be intending to blog as much as possible as I have been slightly obsessive with blogging and have really enjoyed my little corner of the internet even more than usual, lately.

Bearing in mind that one of my life time favourites is having a good old ramble, [Example A, being my entire blog] I have attempted to cut down as much as I possibly could. Onto the favourites...

Casual Friday

Casual Fridays. Before you say it, yes you are right, in this case 'Casual' totally means trampy, boring, "just got up and thrown on the first thing that's fallen out of my wardrobe". But hey, sometimes a girl needs her slob days right? Phew, thank god for that. There we me worrying that it might just me who finds it acceptable to look like Shrek every now and again...

Casual, for me, equals comfortable and effortless bordering trampy and for those days when I can't be arsed if I look like the back end of a bus want to dress efortlessly, I resort back to basics.

Said basics? Breton tops, comfortable distressed but chic jeans (I'm kinda having a moment with Boyfriend jeans at the moment) and Birkenstock wannabes.

In the words of Gordon Ramsay.... Done!

I've been drinking, watermelon

I hate to admit it, but I'm not sure there's anything in the world that can perk me up on a Monday morning like a fresh mani/pedi does. (Mani, pedi... Just me that feels like a complete and utter arse using that phrase?)

Sad but true, nail polish plays a big part in my cheer up/get ready for the week regime and yesterday's choice hit just the right spot. 

Ladies and ladies, I give you the perfect summer shade... And my biggest enabler for being able to coin a Beyoncé phrase in a blog title. It's a winner all round!


Pastels on Portobello

I was not the best person to be with during the making of this post. (Apologies for that boyf!) You see, Portobello road for me, is just one of the prettiest roads/places/areas in London. The multi-coloured pastel houses, the huge white house with the black woven balconies, the mix of high street shops and quirky boutiques... it has an effect on me where I can no longer engage in a conversation for longer than 10 seconds without needing to express that "oh my god, that house is the prettiest thing I've ever seen" or "That house would make the best nail polish colour".

Again, apologies boyf...

The pastel and clean white houses leave me wanting to keep my outfit choices, well... clean and pastel, so what better time to wack out my second Primark Midi. Yep I wasn't joking when I said I bought so many of those little beauties that I need to start a series for them. (Probably a good time to drop a shameless link to that post right? You'll find Part 1 here)

Basics and more sliders

So it appears my love for 'ugly shoes' - more commonly known as sliders, pool slides [insert your choice for said ugly shoes here] - continues. I posted about these little dreams that I picked up from Primark a while ago, and I now have - a slightly different, therefore totally necessary - black pair of Pool Slides to add to the mix. And... they're not even from Primark. I know, I know, shock horror, I actually bought a pair of shoes that cost more that about £3. Who the hell am I? I don't even know who I am anymore...

Coffee Trawl #2 - Flat Planet... and a mini haul

Part Deux of my coffee trawl - READ: blatant excuse to tour around London looking for good coffee and Gluten Free cake - takes place at the very lovely Flat Planet, off of Carnaby Street (and more importantly, a stone's throw away from Liberty. Kill two birds with one stone and all that...)

Flat planet is actually owned and created by the founder of the chain 'Leon' so I always knew this was going to be a good'un. Leon - for anyone who hasn't been there (you're missing out FYI) - is marketed as a healthy, natural, 'superfoody' kind of restaurant and for me, being an awkward coeliac demanding a gluten free diet, it's perfect. Nearly all items on the menu are GF including some incredible cakes Yep, now you see why I like it...

Anyway, cakes* aside, let's take a closer look at Flat Planet.

#WCW - Woman Crush Wednesday - Niomi Smart

So last week's Woman Crush Wednesday was replaced with my May Blogger Favourites. This was because I wanted it to go out on a Wednesday, and it wasn't anything to do with the fact that I'm too lazy didn't get a chance to write it before then as well as a WCW post. Nothing at all to do with that. Lazy bitch syndrome/lack of social life as a result of working all day err day continues...

Excuses - and boring you to death with my moans and groans on how many hours you work in TV - aside, this month's woman crush follows in a similar vein of my may favourite's as it is in fact, a fellow blogger. (I'm all for the appreciation of fellow bloggers, girl power and all that...)

The blogger I am girl crushing perving on loving this week, is Niomi Smart.

As with most of my recommendations, I'm sure you will have heard of her before. If you haven't, she's a fashion, lifestyle and food blogger (with an amazing Youtube channel too) who is beyond stunning. Let's start with the beauty side of things...

She doesn't wear foundation - Yep, I said it, that flawless skin is actually natural with a smidgen of powder. - To say I am jealous would be an understatement, therefore I am swiftly copying her skincare/makeup/way of life, in attempt to emulate that glow.

Talking of 'Way of life', Naomi appears to adopt a very healthy lifestyle, and whilst I can't exactly say the same for myself - 3 Indian, Thai or Pizza takeaways/Meals out, a week, probably doesn't constitute to too much of your 5 a day - it has definitely inspired me to live a little healthier. Starting with Breakfast a la Naomi. (link to the youtube vid here, I hate the word 'Nom' but this video is actually 'nom worthy') in addition to a great 'Healthy Living' post here. Followed by some drool worthy pictures/recipes below. You can thank me later...

And then there's the fashion. She has the prettiest look book on her Youtube channel but it's her blog that I've been happily stalking following all week for fashion inspiration. Here's a few of my favourite looks of hers. **Hides purse, ties myself to my chair to avoid going on a major Niomi Inspired Shopping spree**

And can we just talk about that shoe collection?!?!?!

So I think that's enough girl crushing for now. I'm off to a meeting in Soho - always my favourite as it's a stone's throw from Oxford St and too many lovely coffee shops - but before I go, I would love to hear who you've been loving lately. Any celeb looks you've fallen in love with? Any new bloggers with a drool worthy makeup/wardrobe collection that I 'need' to check out?

Answers on a postcard.

(...and because I've always wanted to use that phrase - Yes I am a massive loser, I know - what that really means is in the comments below) ;)

Thanks for reading guys, see you in the next one!


Pool Slides and Florals

If there was an award for the most "state the obvious", "does what is says on the tin", "say it how it is" title, then I think this post title would knock the living day lights out of every other. A bit like Carl Froch and George Groves.... Sorry, too soon. (and probably totally inappropriate as most bloggers probably aren't the most likely to watch boxing are they?)

Apologies, I'm rambling again (story of my life)... The actual point behind this post is to express my surprising new love of 'pool slides'. Let me start from the beginning - I saw these in magazines, I saw them on blogs, I saw them in real life... I hated them. I was never really a Birkenstock girl at the best of times even when they were 'in' years ago, so I definitely wasn't going to go there 10 years later.

Well, that was my first impression. Then I saw Hannah from A Fashion Fix - who would look good in a bin bag so she's probably not the best example - wear those black Dune pool slides, and that's where the love affair started. That's also where Primark really come into their own. They're great at copying taking inspiration from the more expensive high street stores and coming up with their own version, and they really did pull it out the bag with these...
 Now, if you're a fan of River Island, you would probably have seen a very similar pair in store. In fact, I'd go as far as to say they're pretty much identical. So if you missed out - or like me, didn't want to pay a slightly extortionate price #TightArse - then Primarni's where it's at! 
I'm wearing my pool slides with some Primark floral trousers here but they look just as great with relaxd boyfriend jeans, skinny jeans... and if I had some balls, I'd even pair them with some cullottes. As I don't, I'll leave that to the cool kids ;)

So, help me out here. What's your verdict on pool slides? Do you like/own them, or should they be left in the 90's along with Tamagotchi's and Double denim ala Britney and Justin?

I would love to know your thoughts! :)

Hope you enjoyed this post, as always, thanks so much for reading!

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