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I'm not one for a bandwagon. Well, maybe that's not entirely true. I generally abandon a trend while it's, erm, on trend? And then jump on it a whole load'a time later. Which is exactly what I've done with the t-shirt in question today. (A whole post about a t-shirt. Riveting stuff on 'the Elle next door' today. Riveting stuff!)

I'll start by saying that Mean Girls is genuinely one of my favourite films. It's definitely up there in my in my top five which I understand probably makes me a little tragic - that's just the beginning love... - and a little bit of a loser but I just can't help it. It makes me laugh, it's a feel good film, and it inspires fashion items apparently. What more could you want?


Change. For someone that is generally pretty petrified by even the thought of it, I am very happy to sit here and right about the newness in my life - and blog, exciting times!! - of late. If you've read my blog previously then you'll be more than aware that I love nothing more then to waffle on into the next century so I will try to keep this as short and snoozeworthy-less as possible.

Please take note on the word 'try'. I am making no promises :)


Think I was joking about having to separate my Primark Midi skirt posts into parts because I bought so many? Yeah, I wasn't... After buying my first Primark midi in the gorgeous - if slightly picnic blanket-esque - gingham print, I deemed it necessary, yep necessary, to follow it up with not one midi repurchase... but three. (I also blogged about the second, which is a gorgeous pastel checked number, here)

My new years resolution to spend less is clearly going as well as my resolution to eat healthy and exercise.

Onto the next Midi purchase. It's a pastel/periwinkle blue, it is slightly sheer with a shorter slip underneath, it is - to quote Cheryl for the thousandth time (I really do need to stop quoting bloody Cheryl) - right up my street!


I've never done one of these 'BlogRoll' type of posts before. I think that's because I have a tendency to fan girl, girl crush drool over my favourite bloggers at the best of times, let alone a whole blog post focused on doing just that. But here I am, deciding to share the love today.

And of course it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that my face has had an explosive breakout making me resemble a pizza. Nothing at all... ;)

I've tried to cut this list down as much as possible - yep, this is my short version - but I do want to take a minute to say that there are literally 100's of blogs that I love and adore, but these are just the ones particularly floating my boat right now. My go-to blogs if you will.

Onto the stalk-ee's, err... I mean bloggers.


This kind of print, for me, just sums up summer. It reminds me of the ocean and makes me want to hot foot it to the airport, catch the soonest flight and head straight to the Bahamas (one of my favourite places ever)/Maldives/Thailand [insert place of paradise here] As it stands, I currently work on a show that 'can't have me away' #FML so dressing like the ocean and a day trip to Southend is about as good as it gets for me. It's OK though, I'm not bitter. I'm not bitter at fucking all! ;)

Onto said dress. Oh, and apologies in advance for the lack of photo quality and posing. It was a bright, but windy - hey Hagrid-esque hair! - day. The 'touch the hair, act natural' pose on the other hand? Well, there's no excuses for that one.

The IMATS Haul

Many people, have many different opinions and perceptions of what Heaven might be. Some would immediately think of heaven in biblical terms. Some may think of a feast at their favourite restaurant.  Some might think of a stroll round Topshop on Oxford Street all by yourself. And some might dream of walking round a huge venue with countless stalls, selling not very accessible make up brands at discounted prices, surrounded by an abundance of makeup lovers.

I fall completely into the latter category. (Well, slightly into the second and third option too, but mainly the latter) This is why, when my lovely friend Hannah asked if I fancied going to IMATS this year, I hot footed it straight to my computer and ordered a ticket.

Two weekends ago was IMATS weekend and I came, I saw and I conquered* 


Embracing Colour

I am a woman of lots of words but very little colour in her wardrobe. After watching Niomi's haul in which she only purchased items of colour (and I mean bright colours, not your classic black, white and neutrals) I was inspired to do a little summer brights shopping myself. Any excuse...

Starting with some skorts that are most definitely "I need some sunglasses on to look in your direction" worthy, meaning I definitely succeeded in my 'branch out and wear something other than black you boring bitch' mission. Neutrals 0 - living life on the edge, Yolo style - 1!

OOTD: A New Look Summer

One of the greatest tragedy's in life, is turning up somewhere in the same outfit as someone else. OK, OK, slight exaggeration mixed with major priority issues there but it's still pretty traumatising right? (First world problem at it's finest!)

It's not often that I branch out of my comfort zone but as I realised that my lovely friend who I went to IMATS with was planning to wear the same shorts as I was, I thought it was about time I pushed the boundaries little. Stepped out my black, white, grey and neutrals comfort zone and went for something completely different to anything in my wardrobe. 

And that is how the following jumpsuit came into my possession. 

The #BourjoisSummer Launch

I am not a very cool person. No, I mean it, - not that you need any convincing... - I'm not just being modest, I'm just really not that cool. Which is why receiving an invite to the new product launch of one of your favourite brand's (Bourjois FYI), when half way through filming a TV show, wasn't exactly the best scenario to receive the news in. There were squeals, there was excitement, I basically pranced around like an absolute tit at the thought of seeing the new launch.

Cool Elle, really cool.

So last night I trotted down to Global Radio, Leicester square, for a Rooftop Summer BBQ - and cocktails, there is no such thing as a Blogger event without cocktails - to check out Bourjois' new summer releases. And believe me Bourjois fans, you are in for a treat.
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