I have been excited to write up my August favourites from probably just a couple of days into the month. Yes, that probably makes me extremely sad, I do understand that. But there is something about being totally able to vent, fan girl, obsess over my latest fashion, beauty, miscellaneous item loves without being told to shut the fuck up give it a rest.

And I absolutely love that :) On to the favourites...


Yeah, I wasn't joking about the fact that I could start a 'New Shoes' series because I purchase them so much. Yes, it's an addiction that could send me down a slippery (and poor) slope. Yes, I'm meant to be saving for a house. Yes, I went ahead and did this knowing that it was unnecessary and wrong. But these shoes are different. Here me out on this one...


I love nothing more than a good basic. (Chocolate, Curry and Coffee aside, obviously) As someone that works long hours and often has early mornings, having my basics at hand is always a winner as getting ready in the morning usually involves doing so in the dark.

Apart from the time I went into work - at 5am may I add - with my jeans on back to front. True story. Don't ask!


Every girl has her weakness. Be it lipsticks, be it eyeshadows, be it shoes, or even dresses. (You get the gist...) She love's them, she buys more of them than is ever necessary. They are her BAE!

Jesus Christ, Blogger - please disable my account if I ever use the phrase BAE in a blog post again!

Back to the point, that item for me, would most definitely be handbags. After falling in love, tripping over and accidently falling into Mulberry and purchasing the Tillie Tote 2 and a half years ago, I declared that I would never buy another bag again. (May I point out that this was actually said in my post traumatic shock stage however, after realizing I'd spent an eye watering amount of money on a handbag)


When it comes to makeup, one thing I do tend to struggle with is commitment issues. (Makeup commitment issues? Clearly a first world problem right there for you all...) Yes I have my favourites, yes I know that they will probably look best on me because no other item is yet to compare but still, a quick pit stop in the Mothership - otherwise known as Boots (or superdrug) - always results in another lipstick/blusher/foundation/[insert your own item of makeup here] purchase. You know, just in case they are the one.


Yes July has crept up on us ever so quickly but let's face it, every blogger/vlogger in existence will say that every month, so I shall spare you the huge ramble about it this time :)

This month has been a pretty good one and I kind of feel like I've fallen (even more) head over heels for makeup and clothes. Especially clothes (...sorry purse!) So without further ado, here are the things I've been loving this month.
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