I mentioned in my previous post that I'd had a really down day (well, more like a few days that had been bottled up and exploded into a big, mascara running, foundation ruining mess!) I also spoke about the fact that that's OK. Totally OK. In today's society - oh here she goes, Barracks on a rant - there's so much pressure to be happy and smiling and posting amazing pictures all over social media like we lead the perfect life. But let's face it, nobodies perfect (perhaps Cheryl Cole - I'm not even going to attempt to pronounce her new surname - but that's another story) and sometimes it's perfectly OK to take a step back, drop the phone - not literally, you'd need a mortgage to replace an iphone every time - steer clear of social media, avoid work where possible (this was always going to be a struggle and ironically, the thing that needed doing most)... And just take some time for yourself, which is exactly what I did at the weekend.


Two of my favourite trends all year round - but especially in the cooler months - have to be Leather (or pleather, ain't nobody got time money for that all year round) and monochrome stripes. Not only are they complete must haves on their own, but they also manage to level each other out and create just the right amount of smart and casual.


Can I just take a moment to pat myself on the back for coming up with the world's cheesiest title? [insert hand clapping emoji here] Yes, I've managed a title cheesier than the spice girls but that's not the point of today's post (although if it were, I've done a pretty cracking job if I do say so myself) Today's post is dedicated to the change in season. It may still be only August but us lucky UK citizens have once again had our summer cut ridiculously short - can you tell I'm definitely not bitter at all about that? ;) - and I have already found myself lemming for some Autumn essentials*

*That's fall for you lot from the US. Also a note that when I say 'essentials', that pretty much reads - lovely new clothes and makeup that are new in, that I definitely don't 'need' but definitely do want.


I know that after copious amounts of "New Shoes" posts, I definitely do not need to ramble through 3 paragraphs explaining/attempting to justify my addiction to buying new shoes. So I'm just gonna go right in and get to the juicy details of the pair in question today. They're from Primark - Oh hey shock of a life time - they're leopard print and black with a pointy toe. They're basically my favourite new things (which basically reads: favourite shoes for today, until I know doubt head to Primark tomorrow and buy another pair)


I try to avoid bandwagons or blogger hypes as much as possible. 1) because I never pull off anything as well as pretty much every other blogger on the planet 2) because being late to the party is practically my USP, and by the time I actually get round to posting about them, you've all been there, done that, got the [insert your own choice of bandwagon material here]

However, when I saw this little watch brand doing the circuit on the blogs, I was actually slightly compelled by them. (Yes, I did just say I was compelled by a watch. I totally understand that I need to get my priorities right) After hours - actual hours - spent searching blog posts about them, pinterest, Instagram etc. I finally decided that the Daniel Wellington Classic Sheffield Lady had to be mine.

Fast forward 5 days, and it is mine. And boy am I pleased I gave into my sartorial lusting!


I'll let you into a little secret, I'm really not very good when it comes to blogging events. (Well, let's be honest, if you've been to an event that I'm at and have seen me cowering in the corner too much of a pussy shy to introduce myself to anyone then that will definitely not be a secret to you.) I digress. I was invited to Scarlett's #BloggerFestival and this time, despite sometimes having the social awkwardness at blogging events to rival Sheldon from the Big Bang theory, I was really excited about.


We live in a society where Beauty, Skin care and even Fashion to a degree are very much synonymous to women. All beauty adverts and campaigns - excluding the rare few that are aimed only towards men anyway - will consist of a beautiful woman, or a group of girl friends. They'll be light and airy and ultimately very feminine which I believe is one of the biggest reasons for such a divide in Male and Female skin care options and marketing to this day.
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