So, you know I said that for those of you not so into fashion, I'd be back with a post that wouldn't be me titting around in front of a camera attempting Cara Delevingne vibes and succeeding in Hagrid/Shrek/[insert your own choice of ungainly, awful looking person here]? Well, I kinda failed with that didn't I? But hear me out on this...

My intention was to tell you all about the loveliest Fragrance combining consultation with Jo Malone in which I found a combo that dreams are made of, and then I got seriously seriously sick as a dog [insert violin and sick face emoji's here, for good measure] and spent my entire weekend in bed, watching Gossip Girl, Suits and Prison Break, definitely not in a state to take photo's. Which in theory, sounds like a dream, but when your head feels like it's about to explode, your throat like it's been attacked with a machete, your body is simultaneously shivering and sweating like a bitch and you're puking and having the shits* ... even Michael Schofield, Chuck Bass and Harvey Spector can't save you!

*P.S if you'd like to nominate me for worlds sexiest woman right now, please feel free to go right ahead...

So today's post comes courtesy of some photo's that I took during LFW that I was saving for another time, because whilst I technically wore it to LFW, it's also become a bit of a go to look for my breakfast meetings/lunch meetings/all the meetings/events kinda days. Smart, a little casual in places, but enough to make me look as if I haven't woken up 15 minutes before I was meant to leave. Ahem...

P.P.S it also contains the trench coat of dreams and the shoes that dreams were made of, so yeah, thank me later or something ;)
I went in depth about my love of this beaut trench in my previous post - yes I fangirl and I fangirl hard - and nothing's changed. It's still the most perfect piece for making any outfit look that little bit chic. Sophisticated, classic and cool enough to wear for a smart or casual look, I just bloomin' love it. Let's also just take a moment for the detail on those buttons [insert heart eye'd emoji's here].
The bag is another piece from Boden and having received it way before the rest of the Boden family in this post, I can safely say that this is definitely not just something I've enjoyed on a whim/for a short space of time. The leather is so buttery soft and smooth and the bag as a whole just beautifully well made, it's been my bag of choice - i.e the one that sticks with me because if you're a "change your bag everyday girl", you're a better person than me - for the last couple of months. I also adore the colour, not too navy but not bright enough that you can't wear it with everything. Adore!
Finishing off our little pow wow with the shoes. As soon as I saw these, I knew they had to be mine. Extremely reminiscent of the Valentino Rockstuds - but in my opinion, a little more classic and dainty - and surprisingly comfortable to wear (I only came away with two blisters after walking around in them all day, winning). The suede material is beautiful, the studs a really complimentary gunmetal grey shade and the straps really delicate but durable. You know when you discover some shoes or a piece of clothing that you know you'll wear and love forever? Yeah, these shoes are exactly that!
Trench coat: Boden*
Shirt: ASOS
Jeans: ASOS
Bag: Boden*
The most beautiful shoes in existence: Boden*

So that brings this post to an end. There is so much more I could say about workwear, and the fact that I shot these pics with my girl Hayley which means I was mostly falling about laughing, but in all honesty... my head currently feels like it's about to explode, and my brain currently feels like if Flu was a person, it would punch it in the god damn frickin face.

So yeah, that's all my beaten bod can handle but I really hope you liked the simple, classic boring af look. I would love to know what your standard "meetings"/"smart but not too much" look is? Are there any wardrobe staples I need to add to my wardrobe? Let me know your thoughts :)

As always, thanks so much for reading!



So, I think after a long time of moaning like a tit professing my love/hate feelings for fashion week, I've finally figured this thing out. I think after seasons of attending show after presentation after presentation after show, and a season of just chilling at The Apartment  - i.e last season, in the roaring sunshine, and it was bloody glorious - I've finally worked out that doing fashion week right, means doing the kinda fashion week for you. My kind involves only going to shows that I really love and want to go to (Holly Fulton and Felder Felder topped this season's list), going to events that I really want to go to (yo Kurt Geiger breakfast with all of my gal pals, I'm looking at you), and hanging out with my good blogging friends at The Apartment. Which I did a lot of and I have to say, it was by far my favourite part of LFW.

... Much to the delight of the poor designers who work tirelessly for months on their collections just for me to prefer eating sweet potato fries and drinking all the lattes with the girls discussing blogging, boys and stuff that I wouldn't dare mention on these parts. 

LOL... Soz designers.

So yes, LFW was more chilled for me this season and I think this reflected in my outfit choices because I really didn't worry about what I was going to wear, choosing instead to opt for my basic bitch standard "Oh shit, I need to look chic but also want to be comfy AF" outfit and decided to base this around my new Boden trench coat which I am beyond obsessed with. (And I hope you are too because it'll be popping up a lot more around here).
Said babe-in trench. There is genuinely nothing that I don't love about this trench coat. From the classic stone colour (which goes with absolutely everything!), the tortoiseshell buttons, the pink inner lining - not displayed because I looked ever so slightly like a hooker inviting you in when I tried to pose for that - and the gentle structure which is just so classic and chic but also so comfy to wear too. I cannot say enough good things and would highly recommend investing in the beautiful Boden Abingdon Trench [insert hands up/"hallelujah"/heart eye'd emojis here].
The bag. Yes, I reused the Radley Elgin from Day 1 and no I'm totally not sorry. The most beautifully structured black handbag which holds a surprising amount but also looks very neat and compact. The leather is dreamy and the lining perfect, basically, combined with the trench and white shirt, I feel chic AF.
Pulling the whole look together with an item that is so unlike me in the form of this neck tie/neckerchief/[insert your own choice of word for an item that makes you look like a Texan, western throwback]. Yes, I look ever so slightly like Woody from Toy story but I love that this added a little bit of an edge to what would probably have been quite a uniform look otherwise. LOL, edgy? [insert cry laughter emoji here].
Finishing off with the boots that I've christened my "Oh my god you look really smart and lovely but are also comfortable, can we please get married?" boots. In short - and un-eloquently - I bloody love 'em!
Trench coat: Boden
Trousers: River Island
Boyfriend Shirt: ASOS
Neck tie: Topshop
Boots: River Island 

And that brings Day 2 to a close. Day 2 was a lot of fun with the Ones to Watch show, the beautiful Holly Fulton Show, and lots of chill time at The Apartment with my favourite ladies. I did actually do another day of LFW however I may save that for another time as I firstly don't want to bore you to death, and secondly, it's become my go to "meetings/event" look which I'm saving for a little feature further down the line.

So that's LFW wrapped up, I'd love to know what you thought of the outfit? If you went down to LFW, what was your favourite part? I always love hearing your thoughts!

As always, thanks so much for reading!



Yep, it's London Fashion Week again (at least, it was when I photographed and started drafting this post) and I know that I don't need to ramble about LFW thoughts again so *insert mildly annoying comment about sometimes liking it, sometimes thinking it's an overrated time where people do extravagant things like dye their hair blue and wear rainbows to stand out!*.

I for one, most definitely do not do anything crazy or different for LFW,  and especially where my outfits are concerned. I actually really loved what I wore for Day 1 (despite feeling - and let's be honest, looking - like a bit of heffalump bag lady!) because it was very me, whilst also being a slightly better version of me.

And what that souped up, slightly nonsensical (I'm writing this at 6am on a saturday, so bear with me on sentences that are actually readable) jargon really means is, I wasn't wearing my usual slobby jumper with ingrained nutella stains on, but I also wasn't in a ball gown.

Now I bet you can't bloody wait to see the look [insert cry laughter/"but no, seriously, I realise I'm tragic" emoji here].
The look was based around this jumpsuit which I found online at ASOS - i.e the motherland/holy grail/place of worship/place of bankruptcy - and despite my brother saying I looked like Tom Cruise from Top gun, and feeling like I was wearing a Karate gown (which I later found out was called a "Gi", see, told ya blogging was educational) I actually really loved it. And by some miracle, so did at least 6 other girls at LFW.

I mean, they were most likely totally doing a Regina George "I love your skirt, where's it from?" kinda thing, but still....
The bag is a recent addition to my Bag-drobe - is this an actual thing? And if it isn't, can I make it one? - and I am completely, fully, utterly obsessed! It's the Radley Elgin Avenue medium bag* in black and as soon as I saw the shape IRL, I knew it was going to be one of those classic bags that I go back to time and time again. Having said that, funnily enough I actually never ever go for black (black for clothing, navy/grey/tan for bags for me usually) but I'm so glad I did. A classic, beautifully structured and stunningly well made bag that added that little bit of chic and sophistication to a somewhat unorthodox outfit.
The boots were the same old Maroon, mock croc boots which I absolutely adore but unfortunately went out of stock a lifetime ago. But as always, a very similar pair will be linked below because I got my shit in gear and now act like a proper blogger sometimes

My watch is the babe-in Abbott Lyon which you've probably seen plastered all over my Instagram and the gorgeous stacking rings are Gemporia. The Gold Moon ring is my recent addition and it hasn't left my sausage finger since it came. An absolutely beautiful, delicate piece.

Same old "is it a skunk, is it the honey monster? or is it a girl" coat which I love and adore and saved me throughout the frickin cold LFW weather!
Jumpsuit: ASOS
Boots: River Island (sold out but similar here)
Coat: Tesco (I know! Sold out but similar here)
Watch: Abbott Lyon
Bag: Radley Elgin Avenue Medium flapover (isn't it a massive babe?)
Rings: Gemporia, as always, because their stacking rings are life!

So that brings Day 1's look to a close. A massive thanks to my girl Hannah for taking these photo's for me (and subsequently convincing me that I need the sodding Olympus pen in my life [insert guilty/"yes I know I'm a cliche, totally not sorry" emoji here]). Despite my lack of love - LOL, subtle way of saying hate - for LFW, I actually had a really lovely first day. After breakfast with Kurt Geiger, a delicious post breakfast breakfast - yeah, don't judge... - with Hannah and Niomi (who I met for the first time and is a total, total babe) a couple of shows and hanging at The Apartment, I decided that maybe this season will be a bit different. Maybe it will be more chilled and more selective and ultimately, on my terms rather than what I feel like I need to go to.

LFW ramble over, I really hope you liked the look. Day 2 is coming up on Friday and then I promise I'll get back to a more random selection of posts rather than constant titting around in my new outfits ;)

As always, thanks so much for reading!

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