Whenever anybody asks me how I've been, my instant answer is always "busy". And I feel like this kind of defines our generation nowadays. We're constantly rushing around, travelling, working, our heads glued to our phones, and being around our friends, family and loved ones but not actually spending quality time with them. Don't get me wrong, I adore my job, I adore being busy, but when it's constant and you never have a day off and you barely get any quality time with the people that matter most and then oh hello life on top of all of this, sometimes it gets a little too much. 

I recently ran myself the bath that dreams were made of - yes it included lush bombs and pamper products and Grey's Anatomy playing in the background #sorrynotsorry - and I thought to myself "this is complete bliss, if only I could have this all day long". And then I realised that actually I can. I can make time to do the little blissful things with loved ones that completely make a difference to my day. I can take a 10 minute break because actually, when I go back to work after I'll be 10x more productive than if I just carried on powering through with a tired mind. I can leave one thing behind on my to do list and create memories and moments of bliss with my favourite people.

So I thought I'd put together a list of some of my favourite things to do create little moments of bliss in your daily life. Each ridiculously easy, each ridiculously simple, each intimate and quick and not at all showy or glamorous, but each will 100% put a smile on your face and make a huge difference to your mindset.

Catch that Sunrise/Sunset
For as long as I can remember, I have always been completely obsessed with sunrises/sunsets (to the point of, every time somebody sees an amazing one I immediately get shouted down to come and have a look at). There is just something so magical and calming about that time of day, everything feels still, everything feels serene, it's kind of - are you ready to get real cheesy? - feels a little bit like fresh starts are possible. (Yep, told ya I was in that hippie kinda mood). So popping out even just for 10 minutes with your boyfriend, best friend, Mum, Dad - or of course, on your own - to catch the sunrise or sunset will honestly just give you all of those warm, fuzzy, grateful vibes and I for one am A-OK with that.

Walking and taking in the fresh air
Exercise is something that I just don't do. It's not big or clever to say that but I'm just being brutally honest with you here. It's a time thing you see - I know, I know you're going to tell me I can squeeze in 20 minutes but gal pal is busy - and all of my time is focused on my work. It's a balance that I am forever trying to get right but getting out in the fresh air and going for beautiful scenic walks is something that has been put to the top of my priority list. It might be those infamous endorphins - which I pretty much never encounter - or it might just be taking in the fresh air but hanging with my brother (who as you can see, clearly makes me pull out my deepest, ugliest laughs) or going for a walk with family or friends is one of my favourite ways to grab a little moment of bliss!

A Coffee and Lindt Lindor break
So, sometimes you don't always have time to head out of the office/home/workplace to catch sunsets and grab some fresh air and when that's the case, a simple (but mega babe'in and delicious) coffee and Lindt chocolate break is the way forward. I almost feel like I don't need to explain to you what these chocolates are or how incredible they taste because they're so infamous (and everybody knows they're the best, amiright?) but just in case you've been under a very sad and chocolate-less rock, Lindt are a Swiss chocolatier and confectionary company that dates back to 1845. The Lindt lindor chocolate truffles actually came about from a (very) happy accident after one of the machines were unintentionally left on all weekend with the chocolate inside and the result of this was the world's first experience of soft, melt in your mouth chocolate. Lindt then went on to improve this experience with a whole babein Lindor range of chocolate. Basically, the truffle balls are just the most amazingly delicious things ever and having a couple (ok, ok, 10) with a coffee and nothing but your own thoughts, for me, is a little slice of bliss!

Board games 
I know what you're thinking, can we please find an award for the most boring/lame gal pal ever, but hear me out on this. I recently went to my friend Lauren's house for an early Christmas dinner, we ate all the food, drank all the mulled drinks and ended up playing Cards against humanity and I cannot remember the last time I laughed as much as that night. So grab your bestie, boyf, girlf, whoever... grab a board game and just chill. Chill, with a nice drink, a box of Lindt lindor truffles - Ok, Ok, 2 boxes of them - and I promise you will feel all of the blissful vibes.

Netflix/Film binges
You only have to follow my snapchat/Instagram to know that I am the (self confessed) queen of the boxsets because I have no life and never go out but I can't help but just adore them. I genuinely look forward to getting into bed - complete with an electric blanket, obvs - and just chilling out with an amazing episode of Lost or a Harry Potter film. For me, it's a way of unwinding and taking my mind off of work and daily life and for me, that is total, total bliss.

Pamper sessions
I don't want to brag here ladies and gents but I do pamper sessions pretty darn well. From quiet nights in with said boxset binges or the dreamiest baths known to mankind... taking a little moment out to look after yourself - and others, girly pampers are my fave - will give you the biggest boost, make you feel so much better in yourself and ultimately, make you feel blissfully relaxed and renewed and ready for the rest of the day/week. Light your candles, boil the kettle, get the hot chocolate and lindt at the ready and have the chilled out evening of dreams!

And that brings me to the end of this post. Even just talking about blissful things made me feel a little calmer and more relaxed so I really hope you enjoyed it. I would love to know what your favourite things to do are to achieve total bliss? Also, how much do you love Lindt chocolate because I know I'm not alone in thinking it's the most babe'in ever? ;)

As always, thanks so much for reading!


This post is sponsored by Lindt but all thoughts, photos and extreme love of the most delicious chocolate ever, my own. Visit their website to find out more about their delicious chocolate.


I'm not saying that I'm usually a big fat Scrooge, but I'm definitely not the first person to be whacking out the Christmas tree and Michael Buble come mid November. I love Christmas, but I kinda just do that annoying thing of work, work, work, work, work.. oh it's the 24th December, should probs take a day off tomorrow... annnnd Christmas is over. This year however, I am getting all buddy the elf on your butts because not only has gal pal bought a present and some tree decs, she's also got her festive party face and outfit sorted [insert hallelujah/'thank the lord for not having "I have nothing to wear" tantrums 10 minutes before having to leave the house".

So yeah, I kinda discovered this dress that I nearly dropped down on one knee and proposed to and then I kinda discovered this bag and shoes that were more babe'in than Harvey Specter and then, I put together a makeup look that wasn't red lips and glitter ehhrthing but it did make me feel glam af, so I thought I'd share all of the above with you, and that's exactly what this post is about today.

It's also about a fragrance rediscovery in Tom Ford Black Orchid. Man I forgot how sexy and sensual and utterly divine that babe is.

The Makeup
Now, because I'm not the most organised gal pal in existence, I tend to leave my festive makeup looks til the very last minute which most often ends in a red lip (classic!) and some kinda gold shadow and whilst that would always be my first option, today I wanted to play around with a much more wearable but still very pretty and perfect for the cold season look, and I kinda love it a lot.

So much that I've worn the exact same makeup every single day for the week and a half but no judgement over here please and thank you!

Basically I slipped and fell and ended up with 4 new Bobbi Brown pieces that I'm absolutely obsessed with. Starting with 2 eyeshadow palettes that make me want to weep with joy at their sheer and utter beauty. The first is the Bobbi Brown Chocolate eye palette, an absolutely stunning palette with 4 main shadow colours and a beautiful 3 tone section at the bottom which I love for using as a subtle liner. It's just one of those basic palettes that work for any look. With a stunning rose gold toned shimmer shade and three matte, highlight and contour colours, it's just stunning for this time of year. The second palette really is a little bit special because this has become my on the go go-to. Said palette? The Bobbi Brown Party to go Lips and eyes which consists of the most stunning gold and blush nude shades alongside the cutest damn lipstick of all time which just happens to be a beautiful dark pinky brown, think 90's but sophisticated, that goes with the eyeshadows perfectly. The formulations of both palettes are more babe'in than Harvey Specter and, well... I don't think I need to say any more do I?

Then we have a bronzer, blush, highlight hybrid in the form of the Bobbi Brown Brightening blush in Pink Truffle and this little babe is officially my favourite thing for a natural but glowy bronze in a matter of seconds. The formulation is so buttery smooth that you just want to stroke it all day long (I highly suggest not doing this for fear of being named as a total psychopath!) but it really is stunning. It's very natural but can be layered up for a more full on effect and I blimmin love that little slither of hightlight for a gorgeous sheen on the cheeks and inner corners of the eyes.

We all know that a red lip is the ultimate makeup essential when the festive season comes around but I feel like I've suggested quite a lot lately and if there's anyone out there like the me of 3 months ago that never wears colour, the Bobbi Brown Luxe lip colour in Uber Nude is your guy. This lipstick is the actual dream. Completely pigmented, unbelievably creamy and nourishing but also lasts really well too. The colour is the only brown nude that doesn't wash me out and make me look like a corpse, plus the packaging is sexy af and makes me feel like a goddess. If I'm wrong to feel that way then I don't want to feel right [insert sassy face emoji here].

Finally I finished off the look with a nail polish that still hasn't left my nails 10 days after first painting them on and that's Bobbi Brown's Nail polish in Chocolate. Just a straight up rich brown that's glossy and sassy and lasts ridiculously well. I'm currently on Day 10 with no chips and that is a life I am all about.

The Outfit

Oh sweet baby jesus this dress is so divine that is almost gave me heart palpitations when I first saw it. It's from the Matthew Williamson Butterfly range at Debenhams and I actually think it could be the prettiest dress in my wardrobe right now. I adore the mesh sleeves and top as it gives it a ridiculously sexy vibe without really showing off any skin - the inner 80 year old in me absolutely loves that - alongside the absolutely stunning floral/bird embroidery which I personally think makes the dress look so luxe. Ultimately, I have no idea what it is exactly about this total babestation of a dress that makes me feel so sassy but it just does. It's unique, it's special, but it's also totally wearable. I really hope you like it because I'm going to be wearing this approximately every other day until party season is over.
I have a love/hate relationship with box clutch bags. Like, why you so pretty but why you so impractical, boo? But the thing about Christmas parties is that they're one offs so who the hell cares if you can't fit that much in. This absolute babe from Faith fits my cards, phone, a concealer and a lipstick so I am A-OK with that. It's such a gorgeous bright red shade which really does stand out and completes the outfit. It has the most stunningly soft faux suede finish and really looks so much more expensive than it is. The perfect party addition.
So then we have the shoes. I know these little slices of silver heaven will be a bit marmite but I personally am obsessed with the things and cannot stop wearing them. It might be because they make me feel extra festive but I cannot get enough of the ballerina/granny style shoe because yay for being 5"8 and still being able to wear heels without being too much of a giant. But in all seriousness, they're delicate, they go with everything and for this festive look, they add a sassy little somethin somethin and I am always OK with that.
Finally, to finish the entire look off, we have Tom Ford Black Orchid. For me, this is a little slice of sensual, nostalgic heaven. I first received this as a gift (I know, best brother ever!) around 4 years ago and I have been truly obsessed ever since. I promise you, you will not find a richer, sexier, muskier, more recognisable - in the best possible way - scent, and once you've smelt it, you'll immediately be able to smell it on anybody else because it makes that much of an impact.

With woody notes of Patchouli and sandalwood alongside dark chocolate - hell yeah! - incense, amber, vetiver, vanilla and more, you will never ever regret putting this on your Christmas wishlist/dousing yourself in it all day long.

So that brings my festive get ready with me to an end. I think, this might be one of my all time favourite posts. Maybe it's because of the dress of dreams, maybe it's the makeup that looks so glam but just does the best job, or maybe it's the fragrance which makes me feel like a Victoria's Secret angel (until I look in the mirror). Or, you know, maybe it's because WE'RE 32 DAYS AWAY FROM CHRISTMAS. Either way, I loved putting this together and really hope you enjoyed it too.

I'd love to know what your favourite festive season looks are? What is your all time favourite fragrance for feeling like a bombshell? I always love hearing your thoughts.

As always, thanks so much for reading!


This post is sponsored by Debenhams but all thoughts, photos and extreme love of dresses that make me feel sassier than Beyonce, my own.
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