2017 is the year of hair. 2017 is the year of my hair. 2017 is the year I finally give more time to my hair.

Lol, if I say this enough times do you think it'll sink in?

I basically have always been outrageously lazy with my hair, using any shampoo, conditioner, mask etc. and then just letting it do it's thing (which is usually frizz up into a mess more unacceptable than Hagrid's). But this year I just realised that I need to do more, because hair makes such a huge difference to your overall appearance and, you know, I want to feel good in myself.

So I've been experimenting. Organic products, high end products, high street products... and what I've found - apart from 5 new holy grails - is that not only do New Look now have a Hair care range (hello, when did this happen and why did I not know about this immediately?) but it's also ridiculously amazing. Insanely amazing. I'm talking gorgeous packaging, a vast range (shampoos, conditioners, shine sprays, beachy salt sprays etc.) and products that not only smell like an absolute dream, but they work like one too.

You Go Glen Coco New Look!
So let's start from the very beginning (a very good place to start... no you have now got the Sound of Music soundtrack stuck in your head) and I'm going straight in with the Salt Crystals Volumising Salt shampoo. So, this stuff, is god damn incredible. Like, so incredible. It's a volumising salt shampoo that lifts the hair and adds body whilst conditioning and moisturising simultaneously. I always find that volumising shampoos can make my hair quite dry but honestly, this stuff is pretty much miraculous. Nourishment and serious body - it makes me feel a little bit like the sassy girl emoji and I'm totally OK with that - and I genuinely just cannot get enough. It just gives enough volume to make you feel like you have all of the thick, bouncy, voluminous hair and I honestly just think that's the one thing that almost fools people into thinking that the rest of you is "put together" (even if it really isn't).

Because my hair is highlighted and styled fried to a crisp to oblivion, slathering on the conditioner is an absolute essential for me and I have found a new favourite in the Care and Repair Conditioner. It smells like an absolute dreamboat, it's beautifully thick and creamy, it's incredibly gentle on the scalp leaving absolutely no irritation - [insert all of the hallelujah emojis here] - and genuinely leaves my hair feeling like silk. 

I mean, you know the product is good when your tangle teezer is having a breeze combing through your hair and actually loving life for once.
I'm all about those effortless, beachy, scandi "I've just rolled outta bed" vibes, but I am also all about gloss. Shiny, healthy, glossy locks that can transform a whole look. The New Look finishing gloss Anti Frizz serum does that for me. All I do is rub a couple of pumps of products into the lengths and ends of my damp/towel dried hair, rough dry and leave to it's own devices before styling the following morning and let me just tell you that this bad boy leaves my hair glossier than any other product I've tried. I have awkwardly semi straight but Hagrid/Hermione frizzy hair and the fact that this tames the majority of my frizz is just nothing short of a miracle.

I mean, I'm still part Hagrid because no product is an actual miracle and the serum doesn't own a wand, but it's like Hagrid on an extremely groomed day and I can handle that ;)

It just leaves my hair silky soft and smooth, almost like I've just walked out of a salon and for £7.99, that is pure gold!

So I've mentioned I like gloss - only about 39483895 times - and another product that I now struggle to complete my routine without is the high shine glossing hair spray. This stuff. First of all, I want to point out that I was hugely weary of this as I am not a hairspray/finishing spray girl. I hate the crispiness and... hold, hairsprays give because I like my hair flowy and soft and touchable but this is different. Yes it has a degree of hold, but your hair is still movable, it's still flowy and bouncy and definitely not stiff and stuck in one place. The thing that I love most about this however, is just that it delivers incredible high shine. I feel like this is my product that has to come out to play whenever I finish off a style/my hair is limp and lifeless and corpse-like because it just gives such a glossy, healthy boost whilst gently making sure that my hair style isn't falling out within 2 seconds of walking out of the door.
Finally, the Root rescue volumising dry shampoo. I am the girl forever in search of the perfect dry shampoo. I want to spritz a couple of spritz and for my week old hair to miraculously look like I've just had a blow dry (lol at the fact that my life expectations constantly need to be taken down a notch) and whilst this product obviously cannot perform my necessary miracle, it is one of the best dry shampoos that I've found on the market. What I love about this one is that it doesn't turn your hair into a big cloud of white powder. It gently refreshes your hair but is also really softening and natural. Yes it absorbs the oil - sexy times - but it also adds beautiful texture, volume and softness to the hair. It really is quite unique and has topped the leaderboard* of favourite dry shampoos for me.

*Please don't act like we don't all have this leaderboard because we do. Right? Right? Just me? Oh, awkward...

So that brings me to the end of my complete and utter New Look haircare range fangirl, to be totally honest... I could've gone on forever. They have a texturising sea salt spray that's like "oh hey I'm an effortless beach goddess, how you doin'?" as well as ultra volume conditioner that I love, but the 5 mentioned today are 5 that I absolutely cannot imagine replacing for the foreseeable future. Because they really are that good. I have to admit, I was dubious when I found out that one of my favourite high street clothing stores had released a haircare brand because, more than anything, I just had absolutely no idea what to expect but as you've probably guessed by now, I have been nothing but blown away but how insanely amazing every product is. Every single one smells incredible, looks incredible and just performs like a total dream. What more could you actually want?

I would love to know if you've tried New Look haircare? If you have, which is your favourite product? And if not, are there any that you'd love to try? I always love hearing your thoughts :)

As always, thanks so much for reading!


This post was kindly sponsored by New Look but as always, all thoughts, photos and love of incredible haircare, my own.


2016, for me, was the year of Travel. From Dubai, to NYC, to the South of France.. I discovered parts of the world I knew I'd love, and parts I didn't even know existed. And parts that I knew existed and didn't realise I would fall back in love with again, and my favourite of all of those destinations was Jersey.

A fun - lol, definitely not fun but go with it anyway - fact about me and Jersey is that it's the first place I ever went to on a plane when I was 6 (i.e far too long). Do I remember a thing about it? No. Apart from the fact that generally it was beautiful. And there was a shell garden. So this time I headed back with my Mum in tow to discover the best that Jersey had to offer.

And you know, have all the chill, all the spa treatments, all the food and gain all the weight [insert thumbs up/pig emoji here].

Now I do have to mention that as we went in November, a lot of places we'd originally planned to go to were closed, but I'll pop up a list at the end of the babe'in places I was recommended but wasn't able to go to this time.
Starting with a place to stay. The Club hotel and spa Jersey was our port of call and oh sweet baby jesus did we love it there. Firstly, the location is perfect, right near the center of St Helier but not too far from anywhere. The hotel itself was a warm and friendly place, the kinda hotel that feels luxurious but not at all pretentious. Every member of staff neeeearly got packed in my suitcase to bring home with me because they were so.darn.nice... and generally, we just had such a lovely and easy stay. You know when a hotel turns into a second home and somewhere you could easily stay for a long time? That was the Club hotel and spa for me.

So the rooms. We were in a Deluxe suite which actually felt like a mini apartment. I loved the separate sofa/lounge area - oh hey chilling with a glass of wine and X-Factor, how ya doing? - and I blimmin loved the bed which was so comfortable I was almost tempted to stay there for the full 3 days. The bathroom was stunning, like, luxurious and opulent but not too overbearing with the most babein comfy bath that ever existed!

Rooms aside, the rest of the hotel followed the same pattern. Gorgeous but homely, luxurious but friendly and warm... I kinda miss that place a lot! Apart from the dreamy rooms and a restaurant that I'll tell you about later down the line, other highlights were the bar/library area, perfect for grabbing a coffee and gaining some laptop time. The spa - more on this later too - the outside pool (which was far too cold to go in in November but oh so dreamy looking) and the bar area which was just stunning.

Rooms start from £99 for a standard double and £245 for a suite inclusive of breakfast.


Ahh there are so many recommended places to eat in Jersey and we had such little time but we did stumble across some absolute gems which I cannot wait to tell you about. Firstly, we have Michelin Star Ocean restaurant, part of The Atlantic hotel, and in all honesty... my favourite food experience of the whole trip. From the sensational service, to the stunning laid back and chilled restaurant (think light and airy and minimalistic) to the breathtakingly good food, I honestly savoured every mouthful. Ocean is the place that feels fancy but not pretentious, you can taste that you are somewhere pretty darn lovely but you are never made to feel like you need to be on your best behaviour and like you can't relax. My personal favourite dishes? The fillet of Salmon and sweetcorn risotto with curry essence which was absolutely divine! My Mum on the other hand absolutely devoured the Mushroom soup and cheeseboard. This was both of our favourite place to dine in Jersey and I think that says a lot.

Dining at Ocean starts from £22.50 per person.
Bohemia. Part of the Club hotel and spa, Bohemia is very fancy. Like, it was nice, really really nice, but I was almost a little overwhelmed with the wasabi ice cream and onion mousse. Here's the thing, what I love about Bohemia is that it pushes boundaries, it's kinda like the Heston Blumenthal of restaurants and I was blown away that I found this on the isle of Jersey when I haven't even been to anywhere quite so unique even in London. It was stunning, it truly was. The food was insanely good and if you're looking for a complete taste sensation then you absolutely need to go here. But if you're looking for a classic steak and chips/roast etc., then this place isn't quite for you.

Lunch at Bohemia is priced from £19 whilst dinner is priced from £59
We also visited Bohemia for Afternoon tea and again, this was definitely up there with my favourite foodie experiences. First of all, what I adored was that the gluten free afternoon tea barely differed from the "normal" one. I love this because it's so easy to feel segregated and left out when you have coeliac but Bohemia did an incredible job. The scones - forever my favourite part, if they're not yours, we can't be friends - were amazing (slightly crumbly but gluten free versions always are), and the gluten free sandwiches were some of the best that I've tasted. The cakes deserve all of the heart eye'd emojis and it's safe to say that I dreamt of that Chocolate beauty for many days to follow.
Now, I'm not sure I can really shove Bean around the world in with my food section but I did want to mention it because not only was the coffee amazing, but it's also a really cute little place too. We grabbed a quick breakfast there one day when we didn't have much time and also popped in for a coffee and both times it was absolutely heaving (always a sign of a trusty/recommended place to visit). Bang in the centre of town too, it's a great pit stop from a day of shopping or exploring.

To do

Now as I mentioned, my things to do list sadly is significantly shorter than I was hoping for as a lot of attractions in Jersey tend to close up around November time, but what we did do, I absolutely loved. One of my favourites was a visit to Durrell Wildlife park, a conservation trust based 4 miles north of St Helier. There is such a huge amount of history and facts about Durrell that within a few minutes we were a little blown away. After having a tour of the park, which is beautiful in itself without the animals, we also had an up close experience with Lemurs - weird, but so interesting - and spied all the cute orangutans and flamingos just chilling and despite not being the biggest animal lover, I came out with the biggest smile on my face!
The baes bays. Now, the bays, for me, are what makes Jersey really special because they honestly make you feel like you are a million miles away from home. We visited Bouley Bay (completely stunning and quite isolated so great for couples/those wanting quiet time) and St Brelades bay which was just so vast, and so breathtaking. I spent quite a lot of time just wandering up and down St Brelades bay nattering away to my Mum, and I think it was the most chilled out and "switched off" from the busy world we live in that I've been in a really long time.

If you're in St Helier, head into the main town for a little wander. Yes, most of the shops we have back in London, but to me it felt a little like Canterbury or Rochester, cute and quaint but with all the best bits to boots. We also headed to the market whilst we was there and really enjoyed moseying around the stalls - no you eye'd up the flower stall just for Instagram - and taking in the local Jersey vibe. I really did fall in love with Jersey and felt so at ease and comfortable... I really can't wait to head back soon!
Once you've got bored of being a tourist for the day, obviously it's time for a spa date and pamper and for this, you need to head to the Club hotel and spa to check out their beautiful spa treatments. I went for the De-stress muscle massage and I decided about 10 minutes in that it was my favourite one I've ever had. I walked/floated out feeling so chilled and so zen that I definitely nearly fell down the stairs (but it was worth it). It was pretty intense and you know when sometimes at times you're like any minute I'm gonna have to be like omg it hurts! but, my muscles honestly felt so much more relaxed and light afterwards. My Mum, who is not a major spa person at all surprisingly really loved her perfect balance facial and for once managed to relax and chill out for just under an hour. The lovely Nicky did both of our treatments and was a total dream!

So those are a few places that I'd highly recommend you go and check out if you ever visit Jersey (if you do, please can you squeeze me in your case?). A few places that I was recommended and sadly couldn't go to because they were closed at this time of the year are;

  • Elizabeth Castle - Accessible by foot in low tide and by castle ferry in high tide, Elizabeth Castle is an amazing place to visit to discover Jersey's History. Climb the battlements, explore the turrets and bunkers and discover where St Helier is thought to have lived in 55 A.D.
  • Mont Orgueil, which protected Jersey against the French invasion - sassy little thing - is a stunning medieval castle that has cast a shadow over Gorey for over 800 years, it has the most stunning views of the French Coast.
  • Jersey War tunnels, these were actually open but we sadly didn't get a chance to visit in the 2 and a bit days we were there. Described as "spine chilling" I absolutely need to come back and visit these one day.
  • Jersey Lavender i.e complete Instagram-porn. This place is - surprise surprise - a lavender farm and is absolutely breathtaking. I would've loved to have a stroll around here but sadly this was closed as well.
So those are just a few other things that I absolutely would've loved to see but hey, makes a great excuse to go back next time, right?

I would love to know if you've visited Jersey and if you have any recommendations? Also if you're planning a trip there? It really is the most gorgeous place that I couldn't recommend enough.

As always, thanks so much for reading!


Thank you Visit Jersey for working with me on this post. You can fly to Jersey in around an hour with British Airways, Easyjet and Flybe. You can also win a three night winter escape to Jersey (#goals) by entering this competition.

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