Mother's day. Ahhh Mother's Day! It's without a doubt one of my favourite and least favourite occasions purely based on the fact that whilst I absolutely love having a day dedicated to the best woman on earth - I know we're all biased but mine actually is the best - she is also a nightmare to buy for.

Honestly, my Mum is a bit of a Tom Boy... she's not bothered by makeup or clothes or any fancy perfumes (so that's the standard Jo Malone candle out the window then), basically anything that you could possibly suggest, is pretty much pointless for my - totally babe'in but also totally awkward - Mum. And I know that I am not alone in this, every time I ask/beg my friends for suggestions, we are all stuck in exactly the same boat of not having a clue where to start. But one thing that we all agreed on was that you can never ever go wrong with skincare, because the vast majority of us ladies nowadays will take the time to invest in a good skincare regime, and if they don't, then maybe they just need a little helping hand on where to begin.

Enter the Loreal Paris Age perfect Mothers day gift set, an absolutely beautiful gift set which includes some of my new favourite skincare items, is an absolute bargain for the quality (and quantity of the products inside) and is the perfect gift for Mums this Mother's Day.
There are a million and one reasons why I love this giftset (so much so that I bought one for myself because "one for you, one for me" is my policy when shopping), the main reason is pure and simply because the products are stunning, but I also love that the set is just so affordable making it amazing for anyone who is on a budget too but still wants to get a gift that Mum will love. So, for £15 (this still blows my mind), you receive the Age Perfect cleansing milk, the Age Perfect face, neck and decollete lotion SPF 15 and the Age Perfect Re-Hydrating night cream. Individually the products are worth over £30 so basically, it's a total, total bargain [insert party popper/hands up in the air emoji here].

Now, onto the products...
The cleansing milk. Honestly, this has become my new favourite morning cleanser (yes I have certain time of the day cleansers, no judgement here please) of choice. It's super quick and easy but is incredibly moisturising and hydrating. Enriched with magnesium and energising vitamin c, the formula helps reduce the signs of fatigue and helps smooth mature skin. It just cleanses really well but leaves your skin feeling really clean but comfortable and not at all drying.

And then we have the Night Cream, a gorgeous, rich textured cream that's enriched with Soya-Ceramide complex, formulated to work overnight leaving your skin feeling softer, firmer and beautifully nourished. 
For me though, it's the Loreal Age Perfect face, neck and decollete lotion SPF 15 that I just cannot get enough of and personally, this is the total hero of the set. The re-hydrating lotion is enriched with Soya Ceramide complex to target the sagging of the skin, whilst the Melanin-Block helps reduce the appearance of age spots. And of course, it also includes SPF15 which honestly just completely makes my day because I am so lazy when it comes to applying additional SPF and I know a lot of Mum's don't have the time to do it either so this is just the perfect time saving product too.

Honestly, I couldn't be any more impressed with the quality of these products - and I am lucky enough to try a lot of products, most being high end ones too, so this says a lot! - so I couldn't recommend this set enough for Mother's day. Not only is it great for Mum's that love their skincare, but it's also perfect for those who maybe don't know so much about which products to use and where to start as the gift set covers all bases. Great value, fab products and beautifully packaged too, the perfect gift.

I'd love to know what you're planning on getting your Mum for Mother's Day? Would your Mum love this giftset as much as I (clearly) do?

As always, thanks so much for reading!


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If I'm being totally honest, I am a little bored of talking about "going through a breakup". It's definitely not something I talk about a lot - I've actually never done a full post about it (and never will because a - depressing AF and b - just no) and have just mentioned it very vaguely here and there - but it's one of those things that I know people are interested in. And I get it. I am beyond guilty of clicking on a post labelled Personal in less than 0.0000494 seconds and quite happily devour a post or video about somebody's personal life.

But I guess because I haven't mentioned it much on any social platform, and never taking much attention of my blog statistics (and therefore still only believing that my Mum is the only one reading it despite my stats telling me otherwise) I just assumed I could mention it once and be done forever because no one will really care. 

Yeah, I was wrong. Really really wrong because to this day I still receive emails and dm's after writing my Dear 2016 post and I still get a lot of people asking how I'm doing now, does it get easier, do you still feel like you are on a rollercoaster that will never f**king end, do you still want to run him over and I guess I just realised that actually, I kinda have a responsibility to anyone invested in what happened to let you know how I'm getting on. And the truth is, I'm doing well. Really, really well. Dare I even say, I am happy? (Instant regret in doing this because we all know the breakup gods will bless me with a sad, moaning Myrtle day tomorrow, fml). I was thinking of doing a little update because I just need anyone going through it right now to know that it gets better, so so so much better, time is a healer and all of those other cliches that you never believe are actually true, are actually bloody true [insert hands up/hallelujah emoji here]. But for now, I wanted to talk about what I've learned from going through hell a break up; the good, the bad, the ugly and the surprising.
Life can change in a matter of moments. All breakups are different, some are long and drawn out, some should've happened years previously, some are the result of one person making a mistake and being a total twat, and some just come out of nowhere, pulling the rug from underneath you and changing your world in a matter of moments (mine kinda fell into the first and the latter, yay me but was mostly still a complete and utter shock). It was shite, shockingly shockingly shite but it made me be more grateful for what I have. My family, my friends - more on this later - my job, everything incredible that I have in life right now, I value more than I ever did before because I know that life has a way of changing in a moment and never letting you get complacent. 

Time is a healer, no matter how terrible or hard the situation is. I genuinely never thought I was going to be OK again when it first all started happening. I felt sick all of the time, it was the first thing on my mind from the moment I woke up to the second I fell asleep, it just... ugh god it was horrendous. I cried a lot, I spoke about it a lot, it was just the worst thing that had happened and I couldn't imagine ever feeling even a slither of happiness again. But it happened. Every day I laugh until I cry with my best friends, I hang out with my family who are all dreamboats, I am so motivated and excited about my work... I just feel 10000x better than I did and the only thing that made this possible was time. I am only 3 months in - which according to a lot of people is actually pretty early on in the whole shitty process - and I already feel like life is slowly getting back to normal. Better than normal even. Different and scary and fun and exciting and nerve-wracking... but I'm starting a new chapter with a stronger mindset and I cannot wait for what lies ahead.

You never really know someone until you break up with them. I don't think I really need to even elaborate on this.

Everything happens for a reason. I've always thrown this phrase around but last year tested my truth beliefs in this little cliche like no other, and I still, despite going through so much sadness and grief that never made any sense and felt so so awful, I still believe that everything happens for a reason. Things are already happening in this new chapter of mine that wouldn't have happened before so always believe that what's meant to be will eventually find it's way.

One day you will move on. To be honest, I was a little bit sick in my mouth just writing that. I'm moving on, I'm not over it yet, but I know one day in the future I will be. You do move on no matter how much you believe you'll never be able to. You go back to the person you were, the person without constant sadness and heartbreak but you actually become a better, stronger, well rounded version.
You are stronger than you ever believed you could be. Everyone has always called me strong. I was really ill in hospital a lot when I was younger and I'd been through some shit and just got on with it, but I never believed I was strong until this happened. It's funny isn't it, I've been so lucky to work on so many amazing campaigns with brands that I've loved since I was a teen, I've travelled all over the world because of my job... but one of the things I am most proud of is turning up for a Live Shoot with Primark, having cried all night and having had absolutely zero sleep whatsoever (after breaking up that day) and just getting on with it when all I wanted to do was stay in bed in a crumpled mess. Sometimes it's the seemingly small victories that prove to make the biggest difference. But yeah, sucking it up that day in my saddest moments and being a "girl boss" - brb whilst I vom repeatedly - was the moment that I realised I was stronger than I thought I was. That, actually, I've got this. (Lol, looking back now, I did not "have this" in any way back then but sometimes just believing you do is enough).

YOU ARE A SASSY MOFO. Obviously a lot of the time I felt like a sack of potatoes, but some of time time I'd whack on a red lip, wear an outfit I was obsessed with and go for a full day of meetings and events and I felt, for the first time ever, like a totally sassy and independent girl boss! Whether it's a bold lip, pretty eyeshadow, incredible outfit, a perfume... whatever it is that makes you all MOVE OVER WORLD, wear it, use it, feel like your best self because omg you are never going to need a confidence boost more than right now!

I have never been a confident person. Ever. Don't get me wrong, I would love to think I am a good person that's caring and kind and thoughtful. I am confident in my ability to do my job, to meet new people and be able to talk to anyone (I am the chattiest human on the planet and hate awkward silences so I talk 10x more than what's necessary)... but I think I will just always look in the mirror and see Shrek/Hagrid/Sloth/[Insert your own choice of equally ugly person] looking back at me. Being in a relationship where I truly felt adored obviously helped a lot with this. I was lucky in that I was (nearly) always made to feel like the prettiest, most amazing person on the planet, and whilst I obviously didn't believe it (because I do have a mirror) it did give me a bit of a boost. I guess you just feel that if the person you're with thinks you're the best thing since sliced bread then nothing else really matters. But the problem with this is that when your confidence is based on someone else's opinion of you, you give them the power to rip it all away from you, and this is kinda what happened. I don't really know how to counteract this as I have never really believed in myself or even believed that I could be a confident person, but I do know that relying on a man/woman/your partner to give you your confidence is something I will never allow myself to do again. 

You work out who your true friends are. Oh sweet baby jesus is this f**king true. I had a couple of friends that I spoke to constantly. Met up with constantly in between meetings and work and life, and I genuinely counted them as true friends. We'd whatsapp all the time, have those kinda phone calls when you'd discuss life and immediately feel so much better after doing so, and then... well, at the first mention of going through the worst time in my entire life, they were kinda just like LOL BYE FOREVER, and I've pretty much heard absolutely nada since. So there is that situation. But there is also a situation where people that you always loved and thought were great become those people that you end up talking to all day everyday (Ally and Jess I'm looking at you) and just have the best times with ever. I have honestly laughed more in the last 3 months than I have in my entire life down to the best friends in the entire world and couldn't be any more grateful to have them in my life. Funnily, I don't think we'd have been so close had I not gone through the break up so for that reason alone, I am truly truly grateful that everything turned out the way it did! 

You'll never take any shit from anybody ever again. I am officially now the pickiest person in the world and I think it's because I would genuinely rather be on my own than be with someone who didn't deserve/wasn't right for me. It's a difficult one because I truly believe that there is strength in showing your vulnerability. And I would hate to lose the softness and kindness and openness that makes me, me. But when you've been hurt, it takes a long time and someone really special to build up that trust again and actually... being a bit closed off and guarded is not a bad thing at all. It's a way of protecting ourselves and making sure that the next person you let in doesn't turn out to be like the last. But yeah, basically, any bit of sass that you might have possessed (which for me was practically none anyway) comes out in full force. Game playing, mixed signals, leaving you hanging, immediate red flags and generally being a bit twatty.... bye forever.

Bye forever, LOLOLOL at the serious level of sass in my closing argument [insert sassy hand in the air/cry laughter emoji here].

And that brings my little word vomit to an end. Basically, I just wanted to share this because if anyone is going through a breakup right now, I'm beyond aware that it feels like the loneliest place on the planet. But oh my god you are not alone and even though you feel like this is the worst thing imaginable, it does get easier. Breakups are absolutely horrendous, they are the worst kind of pain and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy (lol at the fact that I'm such a people pleaser that I have no enemies)... but, once you're through the worst and are coming out of the other end, you realise that they teach you some of the biggest life lessons and really make you stronger and better as a person. In the words of Little Mix - "you made my heart break and that made me who I am".

(In case you're wondering what that loud bang was, that was me shooting myself in the face for being such a unbearably, cheesy twatface).

But yeah, I hope you enjoyed this post. I hope if you're going through the same thing that this makes you feel a little less alone. I just hope that you come away from this feeling like there's hope, like you've got this, like there is so much more out there for you... because there really is!

As always, thanks so much for reading!



Yesterday, Facebook memories - which is quite frankly my least favourite thing in the universe - reminded me that 5 years ago I was enjoying a night out. (Pretty sure that this was the last time I set foot in a club fyi but I know you do not need any more convincing that I'm a major granny so we'll end that conversation there).

There were so many "what were you thinking?" moments looking at this picture; the skin tight body con dress which was clearly cutting off my circulation, the hair down to my ankles which was so dry that it needed to mostly be cut off, the awful winged liner and the bubble gum pink lipstick were just a few things that caught my eye. But in all honesty, the thing that I was most drawn to was my skin. My fresh, glowy, illuminated, bright, tight, firm and plump skin that just radiated "I'm ever so youthful".

Man I miss that skin.

And it got me thinking, at the grand old age of 24, I am already noticing signs of aging in my face. My crows feet are now prominent - I like to blame this on laughing and enjoying life so it bothers me less - my skin just looks lacklustre and lifeless, there is zero radiance... I just felt like I was having to make a lot more effort with my makeup to make me actually look awake and alive, and I say felt, because 4 weeks ago I discovered a nifty little tool that actually, well... it's kinda changed the game for me. Said tool is called The NEWA, and said game changing results are brighter, more radiant, firmer and smoother skin with a definite reduction in fine lines [insert party popper emoji's here].
So, what exactly is The NEWA and how does it work?
The NEWA is the most advanced home-use skin tightening tool available on the market, you simply will not find a more effective tool outside of a skin clinic. Using advanced radiofrequency technology; 3DEEP skincare, which is a unique skin tightening technology that's been developed from the science behind the ENDYMED 3DEEP professional medical device, it is clinically proven to rebuild collagen and stimulate and rejuvenate the skin. The technology delivers controlled energy deep into your skin - which sounds terrifying, I know, but it is literally completely pain free and not at all harmful in any way. Also, the NEWA is the only FDA approved home-use radiofrequency device so you know you're in good hands - heating the skin tissue to the optimum level which then stimulates natural collagen production. 

So all this techy info is all well and good, but what does it actually do? Well, in short, the result of using The NEWA is reduced wrinkles, firmer, tighter facial skin and a more bright and radiant complexion (now that is something I can get on board with). Basically, it's the ultimate beauty tool for fresher and younger looking skin, whether you're like me and are trying to keep the wrinkles at bay (The NEWA and praying to the skin gods are my plan for this) or you want to reduce the wrinkles you already have.. this is the total dream as you can also do it from the comfort of your own home. Also, not only is it my new secret weapon for keeping my skin looking young, but it's genuinely a joy to use. The warmth of the device makes it feel like you're giving yourself a relaxing, warm massage so it's amazing for a little evening de-stress too.

NEWA's experts recommend using this 5 times a week for the first four weeks and then gradually decreasing treatments to twice a week after that. It's super ridiculously easy to use, just pop the gel onto the electrodes in two strokes, with the device off, move the device around the area you're about to use it on just to spread the gel, turn on the device and move over the area in circular motions until it vibrates to let you know the time is up. (That all sounds like a lot of information, basically all you do is massage in circular motions until the recommended 4 minutes are up, then you just move on to the next area). Super simple, super easy, a joy to use and it brings amazing results.
So, now you know what The NEWA is, you know how it works and you know the results it claims to achieve. So how did it work for me (I'm aware that I've given this away multiple times that I blimmin love it) and why am I so blown away? Well, here's the thing... yes I am 24 so I don't have a huge amount of aging. But I do have some aging. And actually, as much as I wish this wasn't the case so much, my job is in front of the camera. My face is constantly plastered all over my blog and social media and I am by far my own worst critic, so to look at yourself as the years go on noticing small changes here and there is actually a pretty big deal. I use skincare, I wear makeup, I buy new clothes... I look after myself in every other way, why wouldn't I try to prevent aging and reduce what I already have?

After 4 weeks of use, my skin is the most radiant it's ever been. It's the clearest it's ever been, it's firm, it's plump... it just looks hydrated and rejuvenated and believe me, from the girl who's face is usually drier and more lacklustre than the sahara, this is game changing. In case you're wondering, I deliberately left all makeup off of my skin in the photos - I only have on my eye makeup - because I wanted you to be able to see the results for yourself. This is my skin, completely makeup/product free and honestly.. this is the best it gets for me.

To wrap this up, because I'm aware that I've fangirled for a long time now... if you want to help prevent aging, reduce wrinkles, tighten and firm your skin whilst making it look brighter and more radiant and to get these results from the comfort of your own home, The NEWA is your guy. It's available to buy here, if you fancy checking it out. For me, this is the device I never knew I needed until I had it so I couldn't recommend it highly enough!

I would love to know if you've ever tried The NEWA before? Is it something that you'd ever consider investing in? I'd love to hear your thoughts :)

As always, thanks so much for reading!


This post is sponsored by The NEWA but all thoughts, photos and extreme love of devices that can make you look younger and fresher, my own.

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