Powder foundation. What are your thoughts? Have you ever used it before, do you love it, are you a bit like ain't nobody got time for dat... I want to know what you think. Because here's what I always thought about powder foundation up until 2 months ago; I thought that it would look cakier than my Nan's classic victoria sponge (side note: Jesus Christ that Victoria sponge is good and I'm a little bit hormonal Helen at the moment and basically where is my slice?). I thought that it would be patchy and difficult to use, I thought that the coverage would be low... in short, I didn't even bother to try it because my expectations were low.

I was wrong.

Oh so wrong.

Painfully wrong that it's almost hard to admit but also not hard to admit because HELLO DREAM FOUNDATION. Over the last couple of months I decided to test out the bareMinerals Original Foundation SPF 15 and if you hadn't already guessed by my embarrassing fangirl, it's frickin amazing. Full review slightly later on in the post because firstly, I wanted to talk to you first about a very cool event that bareMinerals put on last weekend in collaboration with Powder.
If you follow me on instagram you'd have seen that I spent my Saturday at Boxpark in Shoreditch, hanging out at the ridiculously cool Powder van which has collaborated with bareMinerals. Anyone and everyone was invited along to the event to come and check out the van which inside hosted a couple of babe'in bareMinerals makeup artists who were providing complimentary makeunders and shade-matching for the Original Foundation SPF 15 which is so incredible as even as a makeup hoarder/lover, I always find it difficult to get the perfect match. As well as a GIF machine - anyone else have a special skill for never quite nailing GIF machine photos? - outside which allowed you to enter a competition by sharing the photos online. In short, it was a super cute, really fun event that's perfect for grabbing your girls, or even wandering down on your own, discovering some new - totally game changing - makeup and having some chilled out fun in the sun (or clouds. Because this is London after all).
Ok, so let's talk about the bareMinerals Original Foundation SPF 15. It's the UK's number one mineral foundation and also won the Best Beauty Stylist Award in 2016. It comes in 30 beautiful true-to-you shades which really does cover all bases (pun totally intended so feel free to laugh out loud). I actually find it super difficult to get the perfect match for my skin tone but there were at least 2 options that would've worked amazingly for me, in the end I went for Golden Beige (which is dreamier than Derek Shepherd), a gorgeous warm, olive toned colour, perfect for my semi-tanned skin right now. Out of all of the things I love about this, the thing that blows me away the most every single time is simply the finish. It somehow manages to produce the most flawless, natural looking, velvety smooth, skin-like glow that genuinely gets me compliments every time I wear it. It's completely non drying, it actually has a beautiful powder to cream finish and is super buildable too so can be used for a sheer wash of colour or built up to full coverage.

It contains 5 mineral ingredients which are all amazing for your skin, so blimmin good in fact that you can actually sleep in it (let's just discuss how insanely amazing this is, guilt over not taking your makeup off after a night out, be gone!) It doesn't clog your pores, it feels so super light that I actually often forget I'm even wearing makeup... it's just a total total dream.

Another reason why I avoided mineral powder foundation is because I thought it would be mega messy, and don't get me wrong, if I'm in a rush I can definitely cause spillages that do not look pretty (sorry Mum for forever ruining my "was white once" sheets), but by tapping some product into the lid, using the Swirl, tap, buff technique (my favourite way to apply it) it's actually so incredibly quick and easy to use. Another tip for application, the Beautiful Finish Brush is basically my favourite thing of all time. It picks up enough product but because of the dip in the middle, makes it really easy to not over apply and cake it all on (cake it all on is technical terms, obviously).

To wrap up my little fangirl, the bareMinerals Original Foundation SPF 15 is an absolutely stunning foundation that I couldn't recommend you trying any more. It looks beautiful on the skin, and is also really good for the skin too. I also had the best time at the Powder x bareMinerals pop up and would definitely recommend you heading to a store near you to get properly matched up because it is a total game changer.

I'd love to know if you've tried mineral foundations before? Is it something you'd consider trying? I always love hearing your thoughts!

As always, thanks so much for reading!


This post was sponsored by bareMinerals. All thoughts, photos and extreme love of this babe'in foundation, my own.


Hi, my name's Elle, and I am a beauty hoarder.

Seriously though, my love for beauty is as real as my love for Harvey Specter - Dear Suits, can you return to my TV screen now please and thanks - and with my love of beauty hoarding comes a complete and utter inability to not want to constantly try new products. Haircare, skincare, makeup, tanning products, you name it... I wanna slap it on my face/body and reap in the glory of all things beauty.

(Reap in the glory of all things beauty... that might be one of the strangest things I've ever said. Let's pretend that didn't happen.)

I recently heard about a beauty box that was different to a lot of the others that I'd tried and loved before and it immediately got me wanting/needing to know more. Said box is the Tili beauty box from QVC, said reasons why I am completely obsessed with it? Grab a cuppa and a snack (I'd say digestive biscuit but if you've got time for a bacon sarnie then you do you, boo!) and prepare for a rave.

First things first, the Tili beauty box has no subscription service. Yep, you read that right, you don't need to sign up to a minimum amount of boxes, you can just go right in and buy the one. I love this because as someone with far too many products and an embarrassing love for beauty, as much as there's a lot I'd love to try, there's also a lot that I'm really not interested in. So I struggle to commit to subscription boxes because you never know if you're going to love the majority of the products. 

It's a seasonal box released 4 times a year - another thing I love as you can really tell that a lot of thought has gone into the box - and genuinely always contains such a beautiful variety of products covering all bases. 

I'll get into the products any moment now but one final brag for Tili... the rough total of the contents of the box comes to around £70, but you can buy the box for only £20 which means the value for money is insanely incredible [insert hand clapping emojis here].

Now, onto the box...

Julien Farel Anti aging shampoo and conditioner
So this stuff is a little bit game changing. I had never even considered that my hair could age until these products came into my life, and it's one of those scenarios where you didn't realise you needed them until you had them. They are a luxuriously rich, colour safe shampoo and conditioner duo which magically manages to be super lightweight but also extremely moisturising (clever little thing). I'd highly recommend if your hair is looking a little lacklustre and dull as it really gives it that added oomph. God I love a bit of oomph in my hair *insert sassy Beyonce-esque hair swish here*

Ultrasun Anti Aging SPF 30
Ultrasun, it's a blimmin classic isn't it. This brand has been in my household since I was teeny tiny so it's always a really nostalgic product for me. It's a classic, it does what it says on the tin, this one in particular is perfect for me as it's travel friendly (yasssss to travel friendly items) and is also amazing for your skin. With the latest skincare advances and research, this delivers all day protection preventing UVA induced photo aging and effectively neutralises skin damaging free radial skin activity.

Yep, I have no idea what half of that means either but I do know that it's a frickin incredible SPF.

Benefit Rollerlash Mascara
The eyelash gods were looking down on us with this one... Benefit Rollerlash. If you haven't tried it, you need to. From the very first time I used it I declared my love and never looked back. It lifts the lashes, curls them so beautifully and really gives all the volume too. It's one of those that you just need to try to realise how good it is!

IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream
This stuff, is so, so good. So good. Ok, let's rewind and say sentences that are actually helpful. The IT cosmetics cc+ cream is a beautiful, full coverage cream containing SPF 50+. Developed with plastic surgeons, there's no wonder it's a Number 1 best selling, award winning product. The only slight drawback is that you might not get the shade you need as it's medium that is in the box, but you'll be able to see the stunning texture and coverage and can always mix it with a slightly darker/lighter concealer to make it the perfect shade if need be.

Vita Liberata Ten Minute Tan
I have pretty much raved about this tan to anyone and everyone that will listen to me over the last few months. I am the laziest human when it comes to self tan. I hate the stickiness, I hate the smell, and ultimately the tan never lasts for long enough to justify sleeping in a sweaty stinky mess.

How sexy of me, I'd always wondered why I was still single but this is suddenly making things for clearer for me [insert cry laughter/yes I'm tragic emojis here].

The Ten minute tan is different. You apply it as you would a normal self tan, leave for 10 minutes, then wash off in the shower. Over the next few hours the colour will start to develop and by the next morning you will feel all kinds of bronzed goddess. I for one am all about that life.

Alpha H Liquid gold, Rose limited edition
A rose edition of the ultimate skincare classic, Alpha H is a glycolic acid based product which is incredible for reducing scars, acne breakouts, fine lines, age spots, pigmentation. You name it, it does it. I was so happy to see this in the Tili box because it really is a cult classic skincare item that I think so many will love. 

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish cleanser
If you haven't tried the Liz Earle Cleanse and polish then get off of my blog right now! (ONLY JOKING PLEASE STAY I LOVE YOU REALLY!) But this cleanser seriously is the original and in my opinion, the best. I've been using it on and off for at least 8 years now and it's the one I always go back to. A beautiful creamy, nourishing, extremely gentle cleanser that just feels so soothing and moisturising on the skin. It removes every scrap of makeup, doesn't dry out your skin at all, smells like a gift from the gods... UGH THIS STUFF IS SO GOOD!

Erno Laszlo Cleansing Oil and bar
Out of the whole box I feel like this might be a brand that you've heard of the least. Erno Laszlo isn't huge in the UK, however as a very lucky beauty blogger I'd already been able to try some pieces from the range which is why I almost did a Tom Cruise jump on Oprah's sofa kinda movement when I saw this inside. The cleansing oil is an absolute dream, gentle but removes every last scrap of makeup, and the bar is perfect for quick cleanses in the morning. The reason I love this most though is that they are both so incredibly perfect for travelling. As you can see, each product is small (but lasts a lifetime) and can easily be put in your hand luggage liquids etc. Plus they are just so damn cute aren't they?

No, just me that finds mini beauty products outrageously cute? Oh, Ok then, awkward...

OPI Fiji Collection nail polish
Last but most definitely not least, we have this beautiful nail polish from the OPI Fiji collection called Do you sea what I sea (see what they did there, see what they did there!) and oh my goodness I can't get enough. Firstly, the formulation of OPI polishes is perfection. Super long lasting, a beautiful even finish, very opaque... but it's this colour that I honestly can't get enough of for summer (looks especially sassy on toes). However the rest of the collection is equally as babe'in so if you don't get this one, you'll definitely get a beautiful shade perfect for the months. For me, nothing beats a great mani/pedi that you know will last you for ages so it's well worth getting your hands on.

Annnnnd take a breath. Is it just me that almost gets a little bit exhausted after raving for days about beauty products they're passionate about? To wrap this up though, I genuinely couldn't recommend the Tili Box enough. It still blows me away that it's just £20 but you get so many incredible products inside, all from such stunning brands too. Also, because it's not a subscription service, it makes for the perfect one off gift for a beauty loving friend (and of course, yourself, but that goes without saying right?)

Available from QVC, you can grab yourself a little box of dreams - brb while I vom at my level of cheese - here.

I'd love to know if you've ever tried the Tili box before? What are your thoughts on beauty boxes? I'd love to hear your thoughts :)

As always, thanks so much for reading!


This post was sponsored by Tili but all thoughts, photos and extreme love of beauty products, my own.


Summer makes me happier than any other season. Waking up to sunshine every day, being able to whack on a pair of shorts and a tee, eating Almond Magnums all day ehhr day (BECAUSE IT’S TOTALLY OK TO DO SO!), beach hair - omg salty, effortless, beach waves you da one - and generally having all the good, happy summery vibes... it makes me happy!

But then summer means hot weather and hot weather means all the cute summer dresses (yay for life) and cute summer dresses mean bare legs and bare legs mean having to not walk around looking you've got Hagrid's hair glued to your legs/making sure they're not as white as Casper and as scaly as a snake and that's when I get I excited for my trusty routine to come into play.

So I thought I'd put together a list of the quick and simple but very effective steps that I do when it comes to prepping for a summer holiday.
Exfoliation. I know it's as basic as basic gets but honestly, a deep exfoliation can totally change the texture of your skin. I am pretty lazy when it comes to looking after the skin on my body (ps a friend of mine mentioned that she moisturises her whole body twice a day yesterday, is she even human? Can I disown her as a friend for having more hours in a day than beyonce?) but exfoliation is something I make sure I do at least once or twice a week. My current favourite is the Aveda beautifying radiance polish which not only smells incredible, but also works amazingly at buffing away the dead skin cells without feeling like you've been body buffed with a sheet of sand paper. Oh, and it also smells more babe'in than Derek Shepherd so we're onto a winner here guys!
Epilation. If you haven't jumped on the epilation train then book a ticket and enjoy the ride because I promise you it's a game changer. I have - and do - use all different types of hair removal products, and I think certain methods are best for certain body areas/times of year/occasions (for example, I use IPL which I love, but as it takes longer to show long lasting results, I use different methods depending on what I need at the time, so this includes shaving and epilating too). I have to say, Epilation is my summer saviour right now, the micro tweezers of Braun epilators capture hairs as small as a grain of sand - impressive, huh? - so you don't need to wait for hair to grow back making sure there's no more awkward in between hair removal/stubble days!

If you've never tried epilation before, there is a slight misconception that it's very painful, and I get it. I've used products in the past that have not been comfortable to use in any way, but over the last few weeks I've been using the Braun Silk epil-5 Starter Kit with Beginner Cap and this is what I have been missing/waiting for my whole life! (I mean, my whole life is a slight exaggeration, but, you know, a long time). The new Beginner Cap is an amazing idea as it shaves and epilates in one go. In one week 60% of the hair is epilated and the rest is shaved, the shaved hair grows back much quicker and is then epilated in the next treatment. I love it because it helps you to get used to the sensation of epilation, easing yourself in if you will. After 4 weeks every hair will have been removed from the root, you will be used to the sensation of root hair removal and that's when you switch to the normal epilation cap.

It has an anti slip grip which is incredible as you can use it wet or dry - I love using it wet as I find it more comfortable to use - as well as a very snazzy Micro-grip technology which uses 28 micro tweezers to remove even the shortest of hairs. Basically, if you're new to epilation, the Braun Silk-Epil 5 Starter Kit with Beginner Cap is your perfect option as it's not at all uncomfortable or painful to use due to the Gillette Venus blade which eases you in to the sensation of root hair removal gently. Plus Braun is the world's most trusted epilation brand so you know you're in great hands!
I'm going to be totally honest with you - because I lack the capability to be anything but - after a long day, the last thing I actually want after showering off and feeling lovely and clean is to whack on a load of sticky, tacky moisturiser. However, I am aware that whilst croc print is fashionable, flakey crocodile-esque legs aren't, so it just has to be done. The Clinique Deep comfort body lotion is my absolute fave as whilst yes, you definitely can still feel it on your skin, it does sink in well, it isn't too sticky at all and oh my god so much moisture and comfort and loveliness. I love that it's very subtly scented too so it's never too much/over the top. I took this away travelling America with me and I still haven't stopped using it since. An absolute babe of a product.
Me and Fake tan have a love/hate relationship. I absolutely adore the outcome of being bronzed and "just back from the caribbean huns" looking, but I absolutely hate the process. I can't sleep whilst it smells like a digestive biscuit and I can't get on with my day when I feel stickier than a... errrr, child's hand after ice cream (I've had 3 hours sleep so that's the best I could do, no judgement). Which is why when I heard about the Vita Liberata 10 minute tan, I pretty much ran home from meetings to give it a go because literally, "Dear Marketing team, did you make this product just for me?" (I am beyond aware the answer to that is no but I'm going to go with it anyway). In short, the product is a fake tan that you apply, leave for 10 minutes, wash off, and over the next few hours the tan develops into the most gorgeous golden glow. If you're in need of a healthy boost of colour but also have very limited time, swipe right for this guy.

I just made a tinder reference on my blog, I think I might have just reached an all time low...
I don't know about you, but salty, beachy, wavey, just stepped off the beach hair is my thing. So when the sun comes out to play - which is lol, about 3 days a year in London - I am straight in that sea water and letting it dry off in the sunshine. When I can't do this, I'm using every tong, waver, straightener I can find so in short, my hair needs all the help it can get when it comes to keeping it in good condition. I discovered the Pantene Pro V smooth and protect hair mask a while back now and it's just one of those classics that I always return to. Left on for 15/20 mins - or if you're patient, whack a whole load on, put a hair net/towel on and leave overnight for super silky locks - it genuinely leaves your hair so smooth and nourished and in beautiful condition.
I very rarely take makeup with me on holiday. Or, correction, I take it, but I very rarely use it. I recently came back from Miami and it is still to date one of my absolute favourite trips for relaxation because apart from the odd Insta shot here and there, we relaxed, ate every calorific item in sight and wore absolutely no make up and oh my god it was the dream. However, I am very aware that sometimes you want to capture the perfect moment when in a stunning place and for that, you don't really want to be looking like shrek / the back end of a bus you're absolutely exhausted. So prepping a mini makeup bag is something I always do.

When it comes to holiday makeup I go very basic and very minimal but I always love the outcomes. First up, mascara. Nothing quite makes you look and feel awake like a good lifting mascara and the Max Factor Voluptuous False lash effect mascara does exactly that. It lifts the lashes, fans them out and adds a hefty dose of volume and that is something I can always get on board with. My next necessity is concealer - because hey dark circles, can you just leave please?! - and I have been obsessed with Max Factor's mastertouch concealer recently. It lasts all day, gives really beautiful coverage but is incredible natural and seamless. Perfect for no makeup makeup on holiday or when you're going minimal at home. Finally, because this is me after all, I always finish off with a slick of lippie and a beautiful blush nude is always the call of order. In all honesty, I have 38453058 + nearly identical nude pink lipsticks but I have really been enjoying the Max Factor Velvet matte lipstick in Nude as the formulation is gorgeous; matte but non drying and the colour is absolute perfection!

And that's it for my summer holiday prep. Apart from spending far too long searching for an instagrammable wardrobe - sorry not sorry - I think investing in your skin is one of the best ways of feeling good in the summer and I cannot do this without the Braun Silk-Epil 5 Starter Kit, it really is my summer skincare hero that leaves you feeling silky smooth and confident to enjoy everything that summer has to offer. Now bring on those impromptu parties and get me to the beach!!

I would love to know what you do to prep for a summer holiday? Have you ever tried epilating before? Does the Braun Silk-Epil 5 Starter Kit sound like it's right up your street too? I always love hearing your thoughts :)

As always, thanks so much for reading!


This post was kindly sponsored by Braun. All thoughts, photos and love of incredible hair removing products, my own.


What's that? Over there? Look there's a big fat yellow thing in the sky in London!! OMG IT'S THE BLOODY SUN!

[Insert "lol look at me I'm such a comedian"/"no but really, how exciting is this!" emojis here].

No matter how much I love going away on holiday, nothing beats London in the sun. Everyone is cheerier (I mean, that's not exactly a tough feat, but I'll take the cheeriness where I can get it), the streets are buzzing, the parks are prettier than Blake Lively, the rooftops sassier than Beyonce, and the general atmosphere is just so damn dreamy.

One of my favourite things about Summer is having food and drinks outside. One of my favourite things about London is the incredible variety of food - and snazzy cocktails, obvs - from all of the different cultures (you can quite literally find any cuisine in London) to the different options (Posh restaurants, cute takeaways, pop ups, kiosks, food festivals) you name it, London nail's it. Which is why when I found out that Taste of London (open now until Sunday 18th) was back again this year and my all time faves Peroni Nastro Azzurro Gluten free - remember when I went to Rome with them and basically spoke non-stop about beer and pasta for the next month? - are also going to be there, I was so blimmin happy!

I then followed this up with a call to all the girls that said something along the lines of "be free tomorrow because we're going for gluten free beer and chill and chats. Ok thanks, bye"

Shirt - SugarHill Boutique / Shorts - River island / Sunnies - The MIX

As a coeliac of 8 years, until a couple of months back I had not touched beer in 8 years and man had I missed it. There's something sociable about beer isn't there? Pizza and a beer, burger and a beer... just being at a BBQ or in the park and being to grab an ice cold beer is something that I missed so much. If you're gluten free/coeliac and are in a similar scenario, then you might just want to declare your love to me now - I mean, someone's got to - because if you haven't tried Peroni Gluten free, you are in for a major treat!

The Peroni Nastro Azzurro Gluten free - sassy ole name huh? - to me, is magical (and a slight mystery) because it tastes exactly the same as the original Peroni Nastro Azzurro. With the same delicate balance of bitterness and citrus aromatic notes just minus the gluten, you won't even notice a difference in taste. 

You so clever Peroni, you so clever!

Photography by my girl Jess 

So, Peroni are welcoming you all down to experience 'an Italian Summer' at the incredible Taste of London which is held in one of the most stunning parks in London, Regents Park. It finishes on Sunday evening so you still have 3 whole days to head down (if you're reading this on friday) and I honestly couldn't recommend it enough. As well as a gorgeous tent full of beautiful wisteria and flowers - if you've seen the House of Peroni's before then you'll know that they always nail life in general when it comes to decoration - Peroni also have the most incredible gluten free cocktails put together by the award winning master of mixology, Simone Caporale (I went to Rome with Simone and he is an absolute legend and of course, makes the best cocktails!). From frozen negroni's to Peony bellini's, grab your girlfriend/boyfriend/mum/[insert your own personal favourite beer chugging pal here] and head down because you will not be disappointed.

To conclude, because this is me and when I get excited, I ramble so it is 100% necessary to conclude this... you absolutely need to head down to Taste of London before it ends on Sunday (18th June) for some Peroni Nastro Azzurro Gluten free, some snazzy cocktails, gluten free nibbles, major interior crushing over the tent because OMG GOALS, a wander around Regent's Park and just a really bloody lovely time in London. 

If you can't make it however, Peroni Nastro Azzurro is available nationwide so you can still get your hands on some. I am strongly advising that you do because it is so damn good! 

I would love to know if you've already been down to Taste of London or are planning to go? Have you tried Peroni gluten free yet? I always love hearing your thoughts! :)

As always, thanks so much for reading!


This post was sponsored by Peroni. All thoughts, photos and extreme love of gluten free beer and London prettiness, my own.

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