Sweet baby Jesus I love a slogan t-shirt. 

It started way back when I was about 17 and just starting to get into fashion. They were cool, they were chic, they were simple and they did the job. And then the poor buggers went through a bit of a rough patch when they wasn't so cool anymore and everything needed to be a bit smarter, snazzier (lol at sounding 50 years old, snazzy), a bit more statement and standout. But now more than ever the slogan tee/jumper/loungewear/everything brigade is back in full force and I for one am enjoying it more than Kanye enjoys a night in with just Kanye.

So I thought I'd scroll through some of my favourite online stores - you know, all in the name of being a good blogger - and pick out 25 slogan pieces that I can't get enough of right now/am hoping you'll all enable me to buy every single one.

[Insert upside down smile/"You think I'm joking but I'm not" emoji here]


Here's a few reasons why I love Slogan tee's more than Grey's Anatomy and why I think they'll become a statement in your wardrobe too;

  • They tend to be either sassy or cute af and those are two traits which I can get on board with.
  • They're simple and comfortable and mostly cosy so why wouldn't you want to feel like you're wearing loungewear when out and about?
  • A lot of the time they say the things you probably wouldn't say out loud/reflect how you're feeling without you actually having to say it. My current faves? "Boy, bye", "The Future is female" (sensing a theme here? #PromiseIDontHateAllMen #JustEveryoneOnBumble)


Blazer - Primark / T-shirt - Next / Skirt - Primark / Shoes - Primark / Bag - Mulberry Zipped Bayswater in Rosewater (couldn't find a link for this shade but have linked similar)


I have a lot of favourites - hence 25 because I couldn't narrow it down to 5 or 10 because... indecisive - but one of them is definitely the one I'm wearing in these shots. It says Bonjour Baby and it's actually from the loungewear section from Next and I'm bloody obsessed because it's comfortable and cool and will hopefully attract french men and as it's so simple, it goes with everything!

The rest of the outfit is a random concoction from my BFF's Primark. The blazer is a boyfriend/oversized style tweed blazer and I honestly cannot stop wearing it (so I hope you like it because it's going to be plastered all over my instagram for the rest of time). The shoes are some simple skates but how did I forget that they just go with everything and always look cool? Now I understand the crazy skate bandwagon from 2015 (anyone else remember that, or just me?). And the skirt is potentially one of my all time favourite Primark buys. The burgundy means it's perfect for the upcoming Autumn months and length is a brilliant of mix of "not too nun-like" but also not too "look at my vagina"... a classic mix if you ask me.

Anyone that follows me on Instagram would've no doubt seen that slogan t-shirts/jumpers paired with a skirt (and now a blazer because WHEN DID IT GET SO COLD?) have formed the vast majority of my wardrobe for the last few months and that ain't about to change any time soon. Which made me think that maybe I should invest in the higher end options that I never used to think I could justify but all of a sudden am manically scrolling down Net a porter.... because it's like, will I wear it to death? Yes. But is it still £200 for a simple t-shirt? Yes, yes it is. I think I'll still be sticking to my babe'in high street options for now but here are a few higher end options if any of you fancy treating yo'self!


And that brings me to the end of my slogan fangirl. It's funny isn't it, how we can get obsessed with the most simple, basic things but I seem to be finding myself in a constant "searching on ASOS for new slogan tees" black hole lately because, well, they just make me feel good. They're fun and they make me smile (especially the Primark Love Island versions which I was oh so close to buying in bulk) and I don't think that's so much of a bad thing.

I'd love to know what pieces you're obsessed with at the moment? Are you a slogan tee/jumper/anything girl? I always love hearing your thoughts!

As always, thanks so much for reading!



  1. I love the funday top you wore recently on your Instagram. I love a slogan tee too, a crisp white tee with a great slogan, ��

  2. I love the 'bonjour baby' one that you're wearing, it's so cute! I just lost my favourite slogan tee a few weeks ago and I'm actually heartbroken. It was stripy and said "hello there sailor" in golden letters and I might never get over losing it. :D xx

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

  3. I've been loving your slogan tees/jumpers on Instagram recently! I'm definitely a slogan clothing gal, although I only have a couple of tees and one jumper and I've been thinking recently that that really needs to change fast. Love the 'Hun' one, been eyeing it up for a while and might need to finally pick it up soon...gorgeous photos as always lady! xxx

    Sophie | Sophar So Good

  4. I love a slogan tee! Especially love the "bonjour baby" one you are wearing - never would have guessed it was loungewear! x


  5. I'm loving slogan tee's at the minute! They are so easy but look cool like you said! I'm kind of really glad they 're back in to be honest! xx

    Frances Kayleigh | Style Beauty Travel

  6. In all honesty, I am not much of a fan of slogan t-shirts. Although, I have warmed up to them more lately and I do like the odd few, particularly Sezane's 'La Femme' t-shirt. But that blazer is insane, I can't believe it's Primark - I haven't stepped foot in there for anything more than pjs in ages! x


  7. You look beautiful! And your outfit is so cool! :) xx

  8. slogan tops are my favourite thing to wear at the moment!

    Skye / skyemason.blogspot.co.uk

  9. I just love how you styled that bonjour baby shirt, it's so cute. Slogan tees are really in style right now, and I can see why because they look so great.

  10. Chic outfit with touches of "cool" ;)


  11. Yasyasyaaaaaaaas Elle thank you for picking out these absolute babes. I am still kinda fan girling over the 'Actually I Can' jumper hehe. You are looking BEAUTIFUL chick. Immy x


  12. Um okay can I just say how nice it is to read (hear?) someone else say the phrase sweet baby jesus, I say that all the time and I swear half the people that hear me say that think I'm super religious or something...

    I LOVE how you style your slogan pieces but I haven't found any perfect ones for me yet..maybe a brunch-related one?

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

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  14. I love slogan tees and jumpers! I'm wearing the famous 'Actually I Can' pink one from New Look right now and I love it! They're so easy to style and literally go with everything xo

    Char | www.charslittleblog.co.uk

  15. I love a slogan tee and the one you're wearing here is so cute, also with that blazer looks amazing on you. Feeling a browse for all the slogan tees I can find coming on...
    Amy xx

  16. Such a gorgeous look on you. I love the tee and it's styles perfectly with that blazer and skirt.

    Gemma x

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