So not long before Christmas I fancied a little getaway. Now, I'm not talking a quick weekend to Paris or a whistle stop tour of NYC (although, you know, if you're offering than I'm already there with a cliche slogan Bonjour/NYC top on). I wanted to stay just outside of London, I wanted to stay in a hotel that would be cosy enough to have a girly night in but also near enough to restaurants because.... well, we all know I love food more than Kanye loves Kanye so that's just a no brainer.

So Mum Next door and I had a little girly day and then drove out to the Mercure hotel in Staines. It's closeby to some family friends, it's near to the high street which meant I had 348395735 options for dinner (#lifegoals) and it's a hotel brand that I've stayed in many many times before all over London and the UK so I knew it was one that would be cosy and comfy and just... do the job.

We ate loads, drank like a fish some wine, watched some "I'm a celeb" in bed and all of a sudden I thought, I'll grab some water. And then I thought, is this free or do I need to pay for this. And then I thought, this is one of many thoughts I always have when staying in hotels. So I thought I'd write a blog post about.

1. I never thought it was possible to look forward to getting out of bed in the morning but OH MY GOD HELLO BUFFET BREAKFAST, HOW YA BEEN, MISSED YA BOO?! The breakfast at the Mercure's are always amazing fyi and the lovely, lovely staff were so kind and brought me out some gluten free toast and poached eggs when I asked about GF options. It's that kinda service - i.e bringing all the food to the yard - that makes a difference.

2. Must.Get.A.Waterfall.Shower.At.Home

3. Hello mini bar, come at me, I give no sh*ts that you're probably charging me 3quid for a Mars Bar, I'm ready for all the snacks and my best life....

*Looks at price list*

*Googles nearest off-licence*

4. If heaven on earth was a thing, it'd be this bed. But, even though it feels like I'm lying on a cloud of cotton wool or basically the comfiest thing on earth I'm still buzzing to get back to my own bed. Why does my brain work like this? Why am I more messed up than half the people I talk to on Bumble? Help me Jesus!

FYI if we could insert all of the heart eye'd emoji's for the Mercure beds than that'd be fab because omg I slept like a total, total dream!

5. The beds are amazing and comfortable but I wonder how many people have slept in this bed. Stop thinking, stop thinking, stop thinking.

6. Walks through the door, jumps on bed. And now for the BIG question.... does the hotel room have a bath robe? 

7. I'm in my robe, I have the possibility of calling for food and it appearing like magic, I'm living my best life.... I'm gonna pamper myself because clearly this is what it's like to be a Queen and queen's need pampering.

8. Yaaaaaaaasssssss I'm so excited to get my summer wardrobe out and have fun because gal pal's on HOOOOOOLLLLLIIIIIDAY. 

Oh hang on, I'm in Staines on a short break in January and its 1 degree, why the hell have I only brought denim cut offs and a cute ice cream slogan tee. Ffs!

9. This is it, this is the time I gain the room with a view, #BUZZING for the balcony/skyline view and all the gram shots and... oh, it's the air conditioning units. Wonderful.

P.S for once I actually did get the most beauuuuutiful view in Staines looking out onto the Thames. It was so peaceful and just a little slice of zen watching the world pass by. I actually got up early (yes I am insane) to watch the sun rise from our beautiful back door/window and it was the perfect start to the day.
10. Omg the staff are so lovely and kind and friendly and I think it's 100% legit that we could be best friends. I'll add them on Facebook, we'll grab coffee, me and Rosie can get matching tattoos.... Oh, they're filing a restraining order. I see...

But on a serious note, I almost fell in love with everybody at the hotel because the staff were - and always are at Mercure - so incredible. So helpful, so friendly but never ever overbearing and too much. The perfect addition to a perfect stay.

And that brings me to the end of this post. Let me know what you always think when you're staying in a hotel? What's your favourite part of staying somewhere else? All funny stories/anecdotes welcome ;)


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  1. I LOVE how this post was written! You're personality really shines through and it's fabulous. PS, the hotel looks gorg! xox Imogen

    imogenrose.co.uk // https://www.bloglovin.com/blogs/imogenrosecouk-18897143

  2. This was so much fun to read! It is ridiculous how happy a hotel bathrobe can make me, and I hate it if there isn't one! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  3. Haha this made me giggle and I can definitely relate! Especially agree with the most comfortable beds and bathrobes <3__<3 The dream combo! xx

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

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  5. Haha girl I bloody LOVE this post! Literally nodding my head along to everything - girls gotta love a buffet breakfast, all about that robe and mini bar life! You look insanely beaut here too! x


  6. Gorge stay and love the format of this post xx

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  8. I laughed at some of your points el, I too always wonder how many people have slept in the hotel bed, weird I know. Who doesn't love a white fluffy bath robe? Glad your writing more blogs, really enjoy your writing style.

  9. Actually jealous of how often you go to NYC!! Hahah! Great post Elle.
    Lottie | www.lottiegibbons.com

  10. My partner and I travel a bit and whenever we get home we always moan and MOAN about how uncomfortable our bed is... so why don't we just BUY A NEW BED!? But seriously, how are hotel beds so comfy 😂

  11. Oh man I so love the comedic way you write your posts! I think for me when hotels have waterfall showers...yep, I could just stay there forever. Then when I go home I'm like what is this peasant shower I'm using...

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

  12. Lol, your thoughts are great to make me laugh, even on these drab, grey wintery days.

    Am I the only one whose first thought is "Are there bedbugs?" - seriously, no matter how posh or eyewateringly expensive the hotel is (I was once lucky enough to stay at The Ritz in NYC and I still thought that). Must be something wrong with me... Hmmm...

    I love those mini-breaks at home, to be honest, I don't even need a hotel (although they are usually more Instagramable than my very cozy and non-white home).

    Great to hear you enjoyed all the benefits of a hotel stay :-) Breakfast Buffets are the goal.

    Maya | http://londondamsel.co.uk/travel/usa-bound-or-why-i-love-to-travel/


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