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Time is a funny ole thing. It's something that dictates our life on a daily basis but not something we really think about. Something we take for granted but the only thing we can't get back once it's gone.

Well, apart from my sasspot ladies who won't ever take back that idiot who made the worst mistake of his life. Or the pizza I just demolished, or the bikini body I had when I was 20 and my metabolism was on fire....

OK, look, in theory it was a good sentence so let me just live my best philosophical "move over Gandhi" life for a little bit and just go with it.

Time is something I took for granted for the vast majority of last year. I fretted about things I couldn't change and I lost sight of all of the things most important to me. I put social media numbers before my health and let them dictate the kinda day I was going to lead.

This changed for me in 2018 but there was still tiny little remnants of this leftover. Even if it was putting up with people talking about it when they know you have harder things to deal with...

But something happened recently which put everything into perspective. It made me finally step off of the ridiculous work carousel/treadmill/[insert your own choice of object that consistently moves here].. because the only thing it left me thinking about was time. And just how precious it really is. I was never going to talk about it, but when I realised that Olivia Burton's - who I am beyond beyond beyond excited to be working with because I've been obsessed with their watches and jewellery for 3483984 years - latest campaign is all about how precious time is, it just felt like perfect timing.

I've never really been that good at getting personal so I tend to just blurt things out and hope for the best (classic Elle coping method). A few weeks back I noticed that I'd gained a lot of moles (tiny little freckle like things) all over my body, and some, which I'd never even noticed before had gone from being totally flat to almost hilariously raised. I didn't think much of it, I booked an appointment with a GP - who was absolutely useless FYI - and subsequently went private because whilst I am the most blase person on all the land, I just wanted to check it out once and for all. I went to my appointment, had even booked in dinner and drinks after, and the next thing I knew, I'm on the table being injected with anaesthetic and having two "worrying" and "suspicious" moles removed.

It's not a big deal (I mean it probably is but denial is better than acceptance right?)...  but in that moment, nothing... not work, not money, not girl dramas not boy dramas, literally nothing crossed my mind apart from time. Have I used my time wisely? Have I made the most of every second I've had? If time left was limited what would I do...

For anyone thinking, it was possibly just a cancerous mole at worse you tit, I am not by any means saying it's huge and serious as it mostly can be easily rectified but any little health scare is enough to put things into perspective isn't it? And this was just mine.

So yeah... time is pretty darn precious, and Olivia Burton know all about this. During the design process of their latest Semi Precious stone collection - which is just outrageously stunning fyi - Olivia Burton were reflecting on what precious time means to them. From small snatched moments to yourself in a busy day to celebrating the weekend with your favourite people in world. It's the small things that count, making every single minute worth your while.

I've been wearing the beautiful Semi Precious Rose gold mesh watch and I've been absolutely obsessed with it. Not only does it look gorgeous with the perfect rose gold tones and stunning dusky pink marble face, but the dial is also layered with Rose Quartz, aka the Heart stone (HOW CUTE!!!), famous for attracting and keeping love - i.e the perfect wing woman, I'll wear it every day ;) - and it's soft, peaceful energy. It's the perfect classic piece that looks timeless - please feel free to appreciate the unintentional pun - and goes with every outfit whilst still feeling modern and on trend.

Basically, I haven't taken it off since I first got it so I think that says it all really doesn't it?

And I think it's about time I wrap this up.

Honestly, feel free to punch me in the face for that pun because it really was atrocious.

I'd love to know what precious time means to you? What little things never fail to put a smile on your face? Cute af stories welcome please ;)


This post was sponsored by Olivia Burton

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