If there's one thing people will generally know/recognise me for - bar being a complete and utter Harry Potter nerd and having shares in carbs - it's the fact that I'm always smiling and laughing my head off. Partly because I surround myself with good people who make me laugh until I borderline grow abs, and partly because life is too short to be miserable isn't it?

Now, I'm not being one of those "smile, be happy, go hug a tree and let go of your problems" people because life isn't that simple and sometimes it's bloody tough. However... the benefits from a simple smile - physically and mentally - are without a doubt, mind blowing. So I thought I'd do a little post about reasons we should all be smiling more... so get your gnashers ready and your best smiles on kids!
You are instantly more attractive 
For me personally, one of the first things I notice in someone is their smile. Nothing makes you look more beautiful than a bright, glowing, friendly smile and it's genuinely the thing that makes me instantly warm to someone more than any feature. So for me, having a smile that makes you almost need sunglasses on just to look at me - lol jk, not quite that bright but that'd be nice wouldn't it? - is always a total essential. If you've been subscribed to my channel or follow me on Instagram, you'll know that I've been using Listerine® Advanced White for a couple of months now and I honestly can't recommend it enough. It lifts stains from teeth and prevents new ones forming, helping to give a whiter smile. I genuinely feel so much more confident in my smile and when talking to people and I wholeheartedly put it down to this.

Brightens your day and your mood
I have a little challenge for ya huns... next time if you're feeling sad or down, just smile. A big, fat, teethy smile. And I promise you you will instantly feel a little bit better (it's scientifically proven guys but obvs I've forgotten the actual scientific part so you'll just have to take my word for it). If you're slightly more of a pessimistic person - I'm with you sister - then little things like thinking about funny stories or small things that make you smile is the best way to start your day right.

It brightens other people's day and mood
I'm a born and bred Londoner so it's safe to say that I'm not very used to people randomly smiling at me on the street and if you decide to smile at someone out of the blue, 90% of people will give you an evil/suspiciously look at you as if you're up to something. But honestly, without getting all tree hugger hippie on you, giving somebody on the street a random smile and seeing their response (when it's good and not a total evil glare) is one of the most heart warming things you can do, and will subsequently make your day too!

Happier people are more successful
I was reading a random article recently - probs during one of those black holes where you go to read something for a second and 4 hours later you've covered every topic imaginable - that mentioned happier people being more successful. A mixture of the fact that happier people generally make more effort and are more personable meant that they ended up being more successful in their career and their personal life. Now if that isn't a reason to get your gnashers out and start smiling then I don't know what is.

It makes you do crazy things etc.
Most of you will know - or will have seen according to the DM's with screenshots *insert monkey covering eyes emoji here* - that my girl Ally and I took part in an amazing campaign with Listerine® based around the power of a smile. It saw friends/couples/family etc. tell their story of how a simple smile made them do something crazy and spontaneous (my personal favourite being a guy who got off of a bus to tell a girl she had an amazing smile and he'd love to take her out. They're now together. NO IT'S SO CUTE I CAN'T COPE EITHER!). Mine and Ally's was based around the time when we spontaneously booked flights to New York even though we were both so busy, hadn't even looked at prices or dates and it probably really wasn't a sensible idea. I smiled one of my we 100% shouldn't be doing this but we're going to do it, aren't we? smiles and minutes later we'd booked to go. It really does blow my mind how much impact a simple smile can make.

And that brings me to the end of this little smiley cute af post... if I haven't convinced you to smile wider than my waist after my New York Pancakes breakfast by now then maybe just go and google some cute cat or dog memes, but get smiling people, surely life's too short not to?

I'd love to hear your smile stories, have you ever done anything based purely on a smile? I always love hearing your thoughts!


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