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It's christmas so so soon and whilst I never managed to put together 5 gift guides for Mum's/Dad's/dogs this year - I'm blaming 3 weeks in India in 33 degree heat for ruining my christmas vibes and productivity - I have however got you a little last minute gift guide for girls and I'm really blimmin excited about it.

Jewellery can be such a difficult thing to buy ladies - I know at least 4 guy friends that have got it awfully wrong (sorry lads, savage but true) - so today I've got you the most beautiful earrings, a bangle that I haven't taken off since getting it myself, and a couple of classic but stunning watches that will suit every sassy independent lady in your life.

Don't say I don't treat you to anything ;)
Let's just take a moment for these earrings... have you taken it... revelled in the beauty?... OK so now I'll start. These little huggie bee earrings are just the perfect mixture of stylish but ridiculously cute too. They are super dainty but are pretty enough to be worn as a statement (they look particularly good with an updo fyi) and they're basically just the perfect piece that are gorgeous, unique but at £45 are also incredibly affordable too.

Ok, officially my favourite piece of the guide *insert all of the cry with happiness/"if it's wrong to be in love with a bangle I don't wanna be right" emoji's here*

I am a sucker for anything two toned so the silver bangle with gorgeous rose gold details is immediately a winner for me. The rose gold bees are stunning and beautiful and just delicious, and the bangle itself is extremely classic. 

I feel like it's a repetitive theme for me to keep saying that the products are classic but unique but I think that that's what Olivia Burton does beautifully... they take classic styles and make them totally original. So yeah, the bangle is an absolute dream and it's actually replaced a bracelet I've worn for years... so there's that for you.

Now, the jewellery is special, but watches are really where Olivia Burton come into their own because they have an amazing way of making them young and youthful but whilst also being able to appeal to all ages. From leather straps in all different colours, to beautiful floral/butterfly faces to a simple, more subtle style, there really is something for everyone. I've always been a massive fan of mesh watches and OB - yeah, my and Liv are friends now so we'll call her OB - really do do them the best. I have two gorgeous ones above in gold (with an amazing foiled gold speckle effect) and rose gold (with a super elegant nude blush marble face) and both are the perfect watch to go with every single goddamn outfit you own. They look classy, they look classic but mostly, they look super cool and stylish.


And that brings my little last minute jewellery guide to an end. I really hope you found it helpful and got some inspo for some lovely little gifts (they also have a whole gift section on the site too which is super handy).

If I don't speak to you before Christmas, have the BEST festive period with all of your loved ones. Take some time off, relax, chill, laugh until you cry and get yourself refreshed for a new year. I've got a feeling 2019 is going to be a good one!


This is a paid partnership with Olivia Burton


Whenever people find out I’m a travel blogger, I get asked the same question every time…. where’s the best place you’ve ever been to?

A more decisive person might just give a straight up answer but you’re talking, well, reading from the most indecisive person on the planet so I tend to say “oooh that’s so difficult because New York makes me feel alive, but Disney makes me feel magic, Paris is like a second home and actually, sleeping under the stars in Dubai was pretty goddamn dreamy”

At this point most people have generally walked off to avoid falling into a boredom coma… but my point is, no matter how many places hold a special little place in my heart, to me, Mauritius is still the most beautiful place I’ve ever visited.

From rolling white sand and crystal clear seas to incredibly breathtaking nature and wildlife, not to mention the people, it really is a place that I’d wholeheartedly jump on a plane in a heartbeat and fly out to at the drop of a hat.

*searches skyscanner for cheap flights*

So I thought I’d put together a little guide/things not to miss list for anyone considering venturing on a trip of a lifetime because I promise you, Mauritius is not a place to miss.

Where to stay
Beachcomber Trou Aux Biches - The first place we checked into and to date the most incredible suite I’ve every stayed in. With an outdoor plunge pool, an outdoor shower (plus an indoor shower and bath the size of my whole house in London) there really wasn’t anything you could want or need for. Plus it backed out onto the most stunning beach I think I’ve ever seen. Trou aux biches was calm and tranquil and yet in a strange contradiction, also buzzing with life. They had around 7 different restaurants - the Indian was out of this world and by far my favourite  - covering numerous cuisines as well as so many activities as well. Stepping outside my door - onto my deck with plunge pool and beach behind it, I know I hate myself too - honestly felt like heaven on earth every morning and I tell you what pals, that’s not a bad place to be.
Outrigger was our second stop and whilst still beautiful, felt like a more chilled, casual place to stay. The beach was always a little more quiet and tranquil and generally this just felt like a little safe haven/slice of heaven/home from home. Home to the Plantation restaurant which served some of the best food I ate whilst out there - please please go if you get a chance - as well as the sassiest buffet I’ve ever seen (think every cuisine and every option) Outrigger were also absolutely incredible for coeliacs with the chefs taking me through every single option. An amazing choice if you’re looking to stay more south of the Island. 

What to do
I’m gonna be totally honest with you all, when I was asked Pre-trip what there was to do in Mauritius I sort’ve just blankly stared back and used one brain cell to answer “erm, the beach, wildlife… not really sure what else” (Soz Mauritius boo, I value you and fangirl over you now) but on our trip I discovered what an incredibly diverse and stunning place it really is. Here’s a few options that I’d highly recommend.

Botanical gardens - The botanical gardens to me felt like I’d been picked up and plonked into another world. Breathtakingly beautiful, the lily pads are one thing you absolutely won’t want to miss. Everything is so green and vibrant and honestly, absolutely no pictures do it justice. But if you get the chance to wander through the little jungle of paradise then get your tickets now and enjoy the beauty.

Visit Port Louis market - I always adore visiting markets around the world and trying to pick up little gems and Port Louis market was absolutely a stand out for me. Absolutely brimming with people - locals and tourists - I’ve never seen so much vibrant and fresh fruit and veg. It genuinely just made me want to walk around with a coconut and a pineapple juice munching on fresh tomatoes and sweet snacks. And then you wander upstairs to the beautiful handmade straw bags, hats, scarves (basically any accessory you can think of) and that’s where the fun part comes in. Haggle away (I released my inner Del Boy and lived my best life) and grab yourself some bargains.

Rhumerie De Chamarel - I’m mildly mortified (of my lack of rock n roll past\0 to say that prior to going to Mauritius I’d never actually tried rum (I made up for it by being 99% rum most evenings)… so the Rum plantation wasn’t at the top of my list but it was actually one of my favourite things to do there. The experience itself takes you on a tour of the plantation with a guide talking you through how each part works (I realise I’ve made this sound as entertaining as watching paint dry but they are so amazing and engaging that it almost made me want to pack up blogging and make rum. Almost).

After becoming a self proclaimed rum expert we then tried so many different types of rum (note that I didn’t give a number because after 3 I couldn’t even remember what my name was) as well as some cocktails and then sat in the sun taking in the beauty around us and it really was one of those “pinch me” moments.

We also visited a stunning tea plantation which just so happened to have wild deer running around (a sentence I never quite thought I'd say) which was absolutely stunning. Sitting with a cuppa looking over the beautiful fields of tea - I'm aware this is probably not the technical term - really was completely surreal and totally took me away from "real life".
Rochester falls waterfall - my ultimate pinch me moment. The thing with press trips right, is that as amazing as they are, sometimes you’re so focused on getting the content that you don’t always take in what you’re looking at. You see it but you’re not really feeling it, but on the last day when we visited Rochester falls and after taking 294829842 pictures and doing my best Peter Andre in a waterfall impression, I looked back at the most beautiful waterfall I’d ever seen and just stared (probably looking mildly insane) and it was one of my favourite moments of the trip.

On our final day we went on a beautiful boat trip to see Le Morne mountain and to generally just enjoy the island. I remember so distinctly looking at the sea and thinking, I can’t even facetune this to look any more beautiful. And I think that that’s now the first thing I think of when I think of Mauritius, it’s breathtaking natural beauty and the wonderful people.

There is such a good energy and positive vibe from the locals and just every Mauritian I ever came across that it’s hard not to walk around smiling.

So yeah, if I haven’t convinced you by now that you need to go to Mauritius then maybe watch my Vlog and see the beauty for yourself because it really is one of kind. 

Thank you so much, as always, for reading!


A huge Thank you to Mauritius Tourism UK and Hills Balfour for the most amaaaaazing trip. I am endlessly grateful!

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