It's boring, it's snooze worthy, it could pretty much replace my rambles when it comes to sending people to sleep, but... apparently it's necessary. Yes, this is my disclaimer.

I am very lucky to have worked with/be working with some incredible brands on this little corner of the internet of mine. I love collaborating with like minded brands that I love so if you'd like to work with me then here's how you can do so.

PR Samples: I do occasionally accept PR samples, however, only when I genuinely want to try the product and would purchase anyway. As of 02/05/13 anything marked with an asterisk [*] has been sent to me as a PR sample for review purposes. As with any product review on this blog, I will give my 100% honest opinion regardless of whether I've received it for free or not. I am pretty much the most straight up, honest, "say it how it is" - we all know this is a nicer way of saying blunt - person you'll come across so you can be rest assured that what I say - well, write - is exactly what I think! That sounds really harsh, I promise I'm nice, just very honest ;)

Sponsored posts: I do partake in sponsored posts however I will never accept somebody else's content onto this blog. I mean this with no offence intended, I just have a very specific writing style and I don't feel like anybody else's would be right for this blog. All sponsored posts will be written entirely by myself and will be something that I am truly passionate about/would feature on my blog payment or not.

If you are part of a PR company and wish to contact, please email me on: theellenextdoor@gmail.com

Right, now the serious/boring part's over, feel free to browse the rest of my blog where I will no doubt be making a tit of myself in way or the other.

Enjoy! x
© the Elle next door

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